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Dj Shadow Nobody Speak Video

Nobody Speak Music video DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels

Nobody Speak Nobody get Choked

DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels came together for a great collaboration with Nobody Speak.  Can I just srun the jewels nobody speak collabay that this is a picture perfect collaboration.  How can this not be good?  And guess what?  It is even better.  The beat has the thematic feel of something made for a Tarantino film.  Hearing Jamie and Mike of RTJ going in on this track off of DJ Shadow’s latest album The Mountain Will Fall is making this hip hop head so happy over here.

Run the Jewels have basically become the standard bearers for representing the old school in 2016.  Being apart of hip hop for nearly a decade now, and growing up on the likes of Biggie and Wu Tang, it’s nice to
have a couple of guys that came out of the 90’s still staying relevant after all this time.  The way they do that, I surmise, is by keeping it honest.  RTJ doesn’t try to be something they aren’t.  But you won’t hear many of the older purist’s of hip hop mention them when they talk about the state of rap these days.

Can’t Help but Fight the Power

You’d think every 40+ hip hopper would rally around them, but you don’t see it.  It’s the youth that support them, and that’s because at a certain point everyone falls off the scene.  You can’t stay up on music forever, but you can also, not be a hater all the damn time.  

DJ Shadow along with El-P and Killer Mike aka Run The Jewels are cut from the cloth of the old school.  They grew up on breaking and boom bap just like the rest of us, but instead of trying to cling to a sound and style that is outdated, they chose to move the genre forward, putting their own stamp on the future of hip hop.

Art imitates Life

The video they shot for Nobody Speak makes me think of a bunch of old heads complaining about the state of THEIR hip hop and besides the fact that they are old and out of touch with the current landscape, they bicker amongst each other for scraps of power.  They still think they got it, they still think they know what the world wants, but in truth, they’re anger and jealousy has turned them savage and pitted them against progress of the culture instead of lending a hand.

They talk about how great things used to be and how easy artists today have it…sound familiar?  I’d say that is the standard response from anyone who is old and woke up to a world that they aren’t used to.  But unlike these old heads that wallow in the days of over sized Nautica jackets and Girbaud, the likes of Run the Jewels and DJ Shadow keep moving forward.  RTJ & Dj Shadow trudge through this new and unfamiliar terrain full of internet trolls and twitterati to find where the future lies.  They don’t toss out negativity into the waters for the heathens to chomp at.  They lift us up with their ability to keep staying fresh and yet still holding true to the principals that grew them.



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