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power is coming to chicago beware

POWER is Coming to Chicago…Beware

Getting ready for these shows up in Chicago.  A bunch of new music from my next album Galactic Art Deco as well as performing my current album Hank in POWER in full.  The POWER show is going to be a free show at Emporium in Wicker Park on December 13th.  And the new stuff I’m playing at Township in Logan Square on December 15th.

It’s a lot of rehearsing and preparing, but one thing that is really great about the process is that after playing and working on Hank in POWER for so long, it really begin to take on a life of it’s own.  I should probably explain that Hank in POWER is a highly conceptual album and when I perform it, it tends to become more of a performance piece than a normal show.

As an artist it’s always a trip when you make something and even after you feel that it’s finished, it continues to grow and morph into something more.  As days past it becomes more and more relevant.  When Bernie Sanders was fighting for his shot at the big seat, I thought it couldn’t get more apropos than that, but then the Donald happened and now I feel like I’ve written something that is scarily explanatory of what we just witnessed in the election.

The excitement of heading to Chicago is mounting.  After spending several months back down in south Florida, I’ve become anxious and Chicago is a much needed trip.  If you haven’t been to Chicago, then you are seriously missing out.  It’s a city that is unlike any place I’ve ever been.  The people are loyal to their city and you feel it when you land in Chicago.  The history of the city is so rich and infamous and now the Chicago Cubs won the World Series so who knows, Chicagoans may be happy for the first time in their cold bullet riddled lives.


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