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savemoney saves lives with vic mensa

SAVEMONEY Saves Lives with Vic Mensa

Hip Hop still Down for the Cause

Most people when they think of Chicago Hip Hop these days they tend to focus most of their attention and admiration on Chance the Rapper.  But if you’ve been following this blog, you would already be aware of the talent that is oozing out of the windy city.  From underground hustlers that are always grinding it out on stages all throughout the week, to artists on the come up that are finding themselves side by side with MC’s who have made a name for themselves in the world.  SAVEMONEY crew is a large reason as to why Chicago is at the frontier of breakout artists.

Vic Mensa is one of those artists.  He’s signed to Roc Nation, he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind.  SAVEMONEY is the team.  Vic has bars for days makes it a point to use them.  His talents have given him the opportunity to work with countless greats.  From Damon Albarn of Gorillaz, to his latest project with Pharrell.  The single off his latest EP The Manuscript, OMG, finds him trading off with down south legend Pusha T.


I’ve followed Vic for a minute now, from his band days in Kids These Days, to his vicious mixtape Innanetape where we got to see him collab with Chano (SAVEMONEY member), and to see him grow into the rock star he has become is really refreshing. The single Down On My Luck, to me, was his big break out.

Recently Vic Mensa gave Akademiks some of that SAVEMONEY attitude that can only be found in a truly enlightened Chicagoan on Everyday Struggle with Joe Budden.  Vic and his SAVEMONEY people have been out on the front lines with regards to activism in the city and have shown that Chance the Rapper  isn’t the only citizen looking to help.

Peep at the 13:00 minute mark to see the exchange

Vic Mensa, Pharrell Williams, & Pusha T…nuff said

OMG hits so bloody hard, it’s nice to see Pharrell Williams still bringing the beast out of rappers.  The Manuscript is a great lead up to what I hope is a banger of an LP.  Hopefully we will get to see some of the SAVEMONEY crew on the album as well.

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