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soundtrack london music guide

Soundtrack London Music Guide on the Road

Tour in Style

There’s certain songs that we all have that invoke certain things, it’s the same reason Rocky movies are so damn good, they give us a particular type of feeling.  Now for me, when I’m traveling, music plays a huge part in the experience.  Like Kid Cudi sung about, that’s the soundtrack to my life.

When I think about my time in London, I think about MF Doom and how his Born Like This LP came out when I first got out there.  It was a huge record for me.  I had always been a Doom fan, but listening to that album when I was in London was the greatest.  I was a young aspiring rapper and writer that hadn’t really done anything yet and didn’t know much, but took a shot and went to London to work on a novella titled Tommy Temmens of Tammany Trail.  Although The Beatles were the soundtrack to Tommy Temmens, Born Like This was the tempo of my time in London.

Some other great London Albums for your Soundtrack

Pulp- Different Class (because Jarvis Cocker exemplifies the London sound)/// Pulp shot Disco 2000’s music video in the Stepney Night Club which is connected to the St Georges Tavern off Commercial Road where I stayed during my youthful times in London.

Gorillaz- Demon Days (you need the video of Damon Albarn playing Iceland in your life)/// Demon Days is produced by my favorite producer (besides RZA) Dangermouse.  This album also has MF Doom featured on it.  Doom and Dangermouse already have a history.  They collaborated to make the Cartoon Networks album The Mouse and The Mask.  Damon Albarn is all over just about any list I make, from Blur, Gorillaz, to The Good The Bad and The Queen.  Gorillaz in my eyes however is his finest work.

The Cult- honestly not any of their albums.  I’m not crazy into them as a band, but She Sells Sanctuary might be one of the greatest rock ballads of all time and should make it on to any and all London soundtracks and playlists.  I first heard it in the movie Layer Cake starring Daniel Craig.  This is the song you play when you first get out off the Jubilee line in Camden Town (I think it’s the Jubilee line lol) ready to get mashed.

Other Great Albums

The Clash- London Calling (Duh)

Primal Scream- Beautiful Future

Jay Z- Reasonable Doubt

FKA Twigs- Two Weeks


Future- Dirty Sprite 2 (This one subsequently will make it on just about every list because you can get grimy with it to this…DS2 is all over my Berlin soundtrack)

So when you are out there exploring the narrow corners of wherever you may find yourself, take note of what you are listening to.  Be conscious of what mood you are putting yourself into.  If I’m exploring Kreuzberg in Berlin in search of dope murals, then I might listen to Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx.  Or I’m in the Eternal City of Rome dodging Vespa’s listening to Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder.  I remember having a fantastic time in Barcelona watching kids at the MACBA attempt daring feats on skateboards and I believe I was listening to Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face.

Leave your own favorite album names and location to listen to said album in the comments below.




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