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starboy is out the weeknd teams with beast

Starboy is Out…The Weeknd Teams with Beasts

The Weeknd’s new album Starboy has dropped.  The anticipation for this LP after seeing the False Alarm video was high, and rightfully so.  The Weeknd has had a prolific career and never ceases to push boundaries.  That isn’t to say that everything this artist has done has been mesmerizing.  Kiss land in my opinion was extremely underwhelming.  After such a powerful threesome of mixtapes with the Trilogy project, it didn’t seem to land as hard as it should’ve.  But fear not, The Weeknd came right back with another banger with Beauty Behind the Madness.  Faith was quickly renewed.  BBTM was the quintessential pop record in The Weeknd’s catalog.

With Starboy he collaborated with Daft Punk for several tracks that bookend the album.  The title track is great, as a fan of Daft Punk it is nice to see them collaborating, then with the release of Starboy I heard the other track I Feel it Coming…kill yourself.  This song killed me…and not in a good way.

The entire record of Starboy is kind of iffy.  There are definitely some stand out tracks such as False Alarm, Starboy, Sidewalks featuring Kendrick Lamar, and Future can be found on a track, so peep that one too.

So maybe Starboy isn’t every single thing I might’ve hoped for, but in the end, I’m just happy to have something new from The Weeknd so soon.  It tells me his is in a creative groove and hopefully he keeps it up.  Like I said, Starboy wasn’t spectacular, and that last song on the album with Daft Punk was cupcakery on a whole new level for someone so dark and at times bleak.

Hopefully like Kiss land this album will open a new door for this sensational artist.  No musician can drop nothing but hits if they are reaching for the stars in their work.