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a tribe called quest needed now more than ever

A Tribe Called Quest…Needed Now More Than Ever.

Listening to this new and final A Tribe Called Quest album is like going back in time.  I feel like I’m a young kid skateboarding around my neighborhood.  The album is called We Got It From Here…Thanks 4 Your Service and it’s the first ATCQ album in 18 years.  Phife Dawg may be with the angels, but before he left they were able to get together and make us one last piece of work to remember them by.

Phife Dawg’s death was a big blow to hip hop heads all over the earth.  The gods of this thing felt it was time he went to go chill in VIP with the rest of those that are gone that helped define this rap shit.  A Tribe Called Quest will go down as one of the great groups/bands of the 20th Century and beyond.  They defined a sound and statement of love during a time when the world was going through some heavy times.  It’s only right that they come back and release We Got It From Here after such a tumultuous election.  I can only hope that this album is being pushed through speakers in the streets of this great nations cities where kids have taken to the streets and protest the election outcome.

As a man who grew up listening to this great team of creatives, I worry for the future of us.  What will the world be without Tribe remixing our lives?  In a time when they are needed, I hope that we can summon their spirits.  They fought for love, they fought the power, they even fought each other, but when they would drop a new record it was a huge and after having gone without for so long and now to be sitting here listening to Tribe’s new album, I feel like they never left.  The world needed this record right now.

Thanks guys.