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War Church Killing All Fools with Skech & Analog

The Gods are Angry

War Church is coming.  Prepare for the Gunship Diplomacy.  Rapper Skech185 and Producer Analog Tape Dispenser are hitting the world over the head with some WMD level rap shit. When I think about avant-garde and experimental hip hop, I think of Skech.  I have had the opportunity to play a ton of shows with the man, as well as, having on one of my own records.  His flow is like no other you have ever heard.

War Church Cometh

But enough about me.  Today we discuss the eruptive dominance of War Church.  Skech is a product of the battle rap scene in Chicago.  A vicious executioner prone to leaving whack MC’s dismembered on stage around him like a cannibal’s feasting on the meek.

Analog Tape Dispenser has been a frequent collaborator of Skech185 for some time now along with Tomorrow Kings, the fiercest collective of artists to come out of Chicago.  His production style is deadly and without calm.  It fits perfect with Skech’s manic rhyme patterns.

The first show I ever played in Chicago was opening for Skech185 for his birthday party.  We didn’t know each other at the time, and honestly when I saw him perform I was completely thrown off.  As a former hater, I disliked him at first.  But like most people, we fear what we don’t understand.  Well I’ve long since learned to value what Skech does as a wordsmith and War Church is just a continuation of that.

He’s a Chicago historian of midwest hip hop, and has taken his fiery mike skills to New York City to hobnob with others like himself.   I’d imagine that those like minded individuals, even in the Big Apple, may be hard to find.  Most tend to shy away from an artist like himself.  Too much power, too much ferocity,  too much devilish truth.

I give you WAR CHURCH:

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