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taksim square starting point to getting lost

Taksim Square Start Point For Getting Lost

Traveling Wide and Far for good reason Standing at Taksim Square I felt an overwhelming sense of distance from anything I’ve ever known.  It was a moment in time where many things I always thought I knew, blasted apart, shattered under the weight of truth.  The smell of the salty Bosphorus tangled with the summer…

fiction overstay german visa

Overstay Your German Visa, Pay The Price

Overstay 2016 I didn’t sleep last night.  The darkness couldn’t have lasted long enough.  I’d been counting down the days til now.  Recent developments have rendered my position incompatible.  Circumstances beyond my control have left me with no other moves to make.  The overstay has occurred.  What shall be done. Simulated sunrise soundscapes rise in…