people you meet when you are traveling

People You Meet When Traveling (ProTips 4 Playlists Included)

People from another World

One of the great things about traveling and getting lost by yourself, is the amount of people that you meet.  It really is amazing how many random connections you make.  Each city I went to while I was overseas I made some type of connection to someone that I have maintained contact with, have traveled with, worked with, and just plan on visiting again soon.  It’s amazing how quickly you begin to relate to people unlike yourself.  Politics, religion, money, business, whatever, it all kind of falls away.  Strangers turn to friends in the most organic way.

Lost in Transition

You step off the plane in a country you have never been to, in a language you don’t understand, and with customs you aren’t familiar with.  The recipe for disaster can be hard to miss at times, but when you push through, you find pay dirt.  You get lost on the way to your hostel or in my case Airbnb.  You begin to worry, doubt sets in almost immediately.  You start to look around and because of the stress, it becomes hard to appreciate where you are.  Then after wandering around searching for free wifi so you can call your host, you finally make it to where you will be saying.  They show you your room and you flop down on the bed, sweaty from stress and carrying luggage aimlessly.  You made it to your room.  In a strange place you aren’t too sure about.

Then you talk with your host a bit, or with the bartender in your lobby or whatever the case may be, then you start to feel your nerves relax and your confidence come back.  You unpack and prepare your day pack.  You drink a bunch of water and make sure you get the wifi password to the place.  You assemble your playlist for your wandering that will ensure shortly.

Playlist for real Playa’s

ProTip 1: In Rome I highly recommend Michael Jackson Off The Wall LP.  It sets a great pace when walking around Rome.

ProTip 2: DJ Shadow Endtroducing LP goes perfect with Berlin and all it’s dirty sexy.

ProTip 3: Kaytranada 99.9% LP pairs well with the Amalfi Coast.

ProTip 4: The Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me LP for some strange reason was a lot of fun to listen to in Barcelona.

ProTip 5: Just bump Wu Tang and Biggie when you are in Prague.

Then you walk out into that strange air, you look at the clouds in the sky.  They look the same as back home, but different.  Who knows why.  You see the street signs and the billboards on buildings and the unfamiliar becomes a little more natural.  You start to move those feet and see where it leads.  You aren’t sure where to go or what to do, but you keep walking.  Your headphones on your head keep a pep in your step.  You pass people going about their days without any notice of you.  You start to smile, a woman watering her flowers in her window sees you, she smiles back.  You made it.


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