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America’s Future is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I’m sitting here watching Hillary Clinton concede her run for the President.  As a liberal I’m devastated for America’s future.  Not because I really wanted Hillary, because honestly I’ve never trusted her and I supported Bernie Sanders.  But this is what happens.  This is what happens when Democrats behave as they normally behave…like spineless weasels.  They fall in line.  Buckle under the pressure.  You can’t win anything against a man like Donald Trump unless you are willing to fight.

Donald for all his faults, and there are plenty in my mind, didn’t say what the ruling body of America wanted him to say.  Hillary did.  And the whole of the nation is sick and tired of scumbag politicians.  To the degree that many were willing to blow the whole thing up.  Normally I would be fine with that, the only thing that I worry is for people that don’t look like me.

I don’t want to see in America’s future our country plummet to even lower depths than we already have.  I don’t want to see my country turn into the thing that many already know it to be.  And honestly seeing this man become my new President scares me.  It does, I’m trying very hard to hope, but when I think of friends that don’t look like me and what they must be feeling right now, it really fucks me up.

On a side note.  To all those American pop stars and celebrities that have talked about leaving for Canada or some other place…there is the door.  Seriously fuck you too.  When you lose, you dust yourself off and go to work the next day.  Although I’m getting ready to head back overseas, I think, this time will be even more difficult.  How do you leave a home that seems like the whole country is on fire?

I got family that voted for Trump, friends that voted for Trump, all sorts of people voted for this man.  My hope is that they didn’t vote because they hated the fact a black man was President, but it’s hard to see any other reason.  When I hear them talk, I hear the anger, I hear the fear, and I hear the want for things to go back to some other time.  This makes me fear everything even more.

I honestly think that what we just saw was white people, stand up, and say we are sick of these people that we don’t know or relate to, growing and building power and notoriety.  I do think that it was a race move.  And that is what worries me about America’s future.  How do you stand beside your home when you genuinely feel that your home is about to be plunged into the dark ages?  How do you keep your patriotism when people you care about are in fear of their futures?

I have friends, particularly ones overseas and in liberal hipster bastions all over the the United States and the world that are furious with the results of today.  They are terrified of what might happen.  They talk about how much they hate America today and how angry they are with people voting for Trump.  I understand, completely, but in the end this happened because when we needed someone who had passion and trust of the people, we allowed the establishment to pick who they thought we should have.  We buckled under the pressure and didn’t make our voices heard.

We want to blame others, we want to point our fingers about America’s future.  On all sides we are doing this, but in truth we have gotten what we deserve.  We have been teetering on insanity for a while now, and I think we got what was coming to us.  We don’t focus on education, we don’t care for our moral center, and we cling to old ways that keep us back, and now we must live with it.  Hopefully the rest of the world can live with it too.

To those not from the United States.  Those that are watching from afar and astonished at the results.  Those that are looking on at our elections and feel the urge to judge us for this HUGE blunder, feel free.  But in the end it won’t change anything.  Because those that generally point the finger, do so so that they don’t have to see their own people for who they truly are.

America is the wild west.  It always has been and no matter how advanced technologically we become, it always will be.  It’s a country with conflicting values.  One with a questionable future.  Vicious and cutthroat and uncompromising.  But it’s the anxiety and chaos of this, that gives us the power we have.  Why we lead in spite of our transgressions.  It takes a big ego to be able to push past all those things and still attempt to lead.

In the end it is the fault of my people, and me, and everyone else that is an American citizen.  That lies with us.


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