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Barcelona: Beauty on the Mediterranean

The Beauty of Barcelona towers over most any place I have ever been to.  From its narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter to it’s spirit and people.  The culture and tempo of Barcelona agrees with me. It’s weather is warm with a sea breeze that rolls off the Mediterranean.  The seafood is fresh right off the fisherman’s hook.  The beach is so tempting.  The people are full of life and welcome newcomers into the fold.  It’s the skateboard capital of Europe.  The architecture is second to none.  Barcelona’s style and grace is hard to be spoken ill of.  The way they handle their lives, some from back home might say is too loose and lacking ambition, but in truth, they just seem to love life and the happiness it can offer.

You walk around these tiny narrow corridors and in wonder.  For a creative mind the buildings and small squares that open up almost out of nowhere are enough to set you to racing about what it must’ve been like five hundred years ago.  There is a comfort in these tiny streets.  The people walking them in the evening smile and move leisurely, meandering towards their barcelona beauty mediterranean


The cafes of Barcelona are particularly welcoming.  Most have outdoor seating where you can spend hours sipping coffee, eating prosciutto and melon, and taking in the people watching.  Prices are generally pretty forgiving in the usual Barcelona cafe and there are no shortage of beautiful spaniards enjoying the sun during the day and taking in the evening breeze at night.

Awesome cafes and bars all over Barcelona

You can hit the seaside and Barcelona turns into a whole different animal.  The coast runs forever as Barceloneta is vibrant and full of sunshine in the summer.  Gorgeous women in next to nothing tan and smoke and drink while they bronze in the sand.  Men with mojitos freshly made, dance around the people laying on the beach.  Along the beach they have cafes, outdoor, with small bars, serving sandwiches (which the Spanish do so damn well) and other delicious treats.

The nightlife is tremendous as well.  They, like most don’t let sunrise stop them from enjoying themselves.  Parties go until the wee hours of the morning in Barcelona.  You can find young men and women laughing and carrying on from one underground night spot to another to a friends house and back again.  You got places like Jamboree that does everything from being a mainstay of the Barcelona nightclub scene as well as being a haven for great jazz artists passing through barcelona beauty mediterranean


In all the places in all the world that I have traveled and lived, Barcelona, Spain remains at the top of the list with southern Italy.  Maybe it’s growing up in South Florida and all the latin culture that comes with that, or maybe it’s the city itself and the comfort I deride from it, but either way it is truly a testament to the history of mankind and how sturdy roots go.  Spain is worth more than a your vacation time, it’s worth your heart.  It is one of those few places in the world where people go and never come back from.  It makes you question your current status in life and causes you to rethink your positions on the more basic things in life.

You want to go to Barcelona? 


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