barceloneta beach is prime summer spot

Barceloneta Beach is Prime Summer Spot

Walking along Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain the beauty is countless.  From my Airbnb in El Raval it’s only a short stroll to Barceloneta Beach, where the beautiful women of Spain bask in the summer sun.  Barceloneta Beach butts up against El Raval and the Gothic Quarter.  Topless, smoking cigarettes, and tanning along the coast.  Men hustling for a few extra dollars walk around with overpriced Sangria and Mojito’s, while one particular vendor danced around with a tray balanced on his head hold donuts and pastries of all kinds.

I had met a couple of collage graduates from California at the place I was staying at and we switched off who would watch our stuff while the other two jumped in the Mediterranean.  Good kids, skateboard kids…I wasn’t planning on going with them to the beach, but as I was walking along Barceloneta Beach looking for a good spot to post up, they came barreling down the street on skateboards.  It worked out perfect, because I was terrified of getting my stuff jacked while I was taking a dip.

During my two weeks in Barcelona, I spent a significant amount of time along the coast.  It’s a perfect place for a writer to find a nice quiet shady spot and do some scribbling.  There is no lack of inspiration anywhere in Barcelona, especially Barceloneta Beach.

There’s so much life along the coast in Barcelona.  Music is blasting from cafe’s located along Barceloneta Beach.  Young Spaniards take in the sun, tanning like those born along the Mediterranean should.  People don’t move too fast, you can find people napping under palm trees and reading on the steps of old monuments that stand beautifully looking out to Barceloneta Beach.

Maybe you grab a little lunch at one of those said cafe’s.  There are a few makeshift food and drink spots sitting directly on the beach that are always good for a couple stiff cocktails and a sandwich.  When eating said sandwich, try not to let your eyes roam too much.  Topless Spanish women can make it hard not to, but be prepared to see a few OLDER Spanish women who don’t seem to care that they are far past their prime and now remind people who may see them as bruise fruit that have already fallen from the tree.  


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