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travel beautiful comes from this place and lives

Beautiful Comes From This Place…and Apparently Lives

Sit with the Sun and Think about it

I spent the last of my trip in beautiful Salerno south of Naples along the south western coast of Italy.  It was a perfect way to spend my last couple of days in Italy before going back to Berlin.  Salerno is a low key city with not much tourism and a whole mess of beautiful women and cheap eats that will blow you away.  Personally the food in Salerno far outdid that of Rome.

The small Piazza’s that crop up out of a seemingly narrow alley street are a great place to enjoy an espressotravel beautiful comes from this place and do some thinking about life and where it’s heading.  These days things go so fast.  We don’t take in our surroundings back home, we are too caught up in trying to create the surroundings of our choosing.  But in a place like this, I spent four nights letting all that fall away.

Finding your Place

It’s a very beach oriented city.  It reminded me a lot of Barcelona.  Both places have narrow streets that seem to spread out in any direction and along the coast there is plenty of places to get great fish for dinner.

The Pizza, oh my god.  And my Italian friends from the south were right about the seafood here.  I ate some amazing food everyday in Rome, but mostly due to my roommates from Naples and Salerno cooking for me every day for the two weeks I was in Rome.  Beautiful food.  Colorful and light.  Tomato’s so sweet travel beautiful comes from this placeyou fear a cavity.  Olive oil so delicious that it’s all you need.









The Antipast Frutti di Mare was so good, the tuna, the mussels, the clams. Just go.

And it’s cheap.  I mean really cheap in comparison to Rome.  The people are chill and everywhere I went they wanted to make sure I was having a good food.  The owner of one place came up to me and we talked about Mozzarella and where his is made.  I ordered an antipast and it was just a giant half pound ball of Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto Crudo sliced paper thin all around it.  I spent the rest of the evening that night rapping about the antipast I just ate.

To you beautiful Salerno!

One day while I was there I took a boat to the Amalfi Coast to go swimming in the mediterranean. The coast and the town of Amalfi itself is unbelievable.  I didn’t have the chance to spend too much time in Amalfi, but from what I was able to explore and enjoy, it’s a wonderfully old place with beautiful and wealthy people of the mediterranean.

On the boat I met a couple from New York.  One of them is the guitarist for the jam band Moe.  Personally I’m not much for jam bands, but it was interesting knowing that he will be in Chicago playing the Concordtravel beautiful comes from this place theatre in the fall.  I lived right over by that place in Logan Square.  Small world.  They were heading to Positano so we split up when I got off at Amalfi.







So after a few hours in Amalfi swimming in the mediterranean and taking in the lovely Italian sun, I got some gelato then headed back.  The past month of traveling has really caught up with me and after Amalfi I was pretty much done with seeing things and tourist stuff.

After this month in Spain and Italy I’ve come to the realization that Southern Europe is more my speed.  I’ve decided to learn Italian and move to Italy lol.