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Berlin Club Scene…leave your soul at home

Berlin best of the Best

I miss partying in Berlin…is that bad?  I can’t even begin to explain how outrageous the nightlife is in Berlin.  Berlin’s club scene is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed.  And this is coming from someone who grew up clubbing in south Florida.  Have partied it up with famous people in Las Vegas, spent seven years in Chicago working in a rock club, and lived with a club promoter in London.  Yet still, the Berlin club scene tops it all.  It just goes and goes and goes.  I will say, that even though the Berlin club scene is insane,  the dancing is often crap.  If you want to see some people that can actually dance, I’d look more into Hip Hop clubs when in Berlin.  Once the House music starts pumping through oversized sub woofers, they begin to march…in unison.  It’s fascinating.  Everyone tends to get into lines and everyone faces the DJ.  And they march it out.  March it out.

All Black Everything

Everyone is in all black.  Okay not everyone, but lets say 80% of them.  It is the standard attire for a club kid in the Berlin club scene.  So if you decide to make Berlin a destination during your yearly vacation, black jeans, black shirt, black sneakers, black hoodie, black beanie, and you’re good.  And sweatpants or joggersberlin club scene dance drink party repeat are completely acceptable pants to wear not only in the club, but everywhere from brunch with mum to work on Monday.

I’ve been told that the Brit’s, many, because of the strange culture of the Berlin club scene, hit the thrift stores when they arrive and attempt to dress homeless so as to hide from vicious doormen, with a disdain for tourists, and I think Brit’s make the top of that list for Berliner’s for some reason.

Also, be quiet in the line.  Americans tend to be louder, or at least I’m louder then most people, so that is a dead giveaway to the doorman.  They will absolutely deny you if you are chatting it up in the line.  Don’t ask me why.  Considering people are known to wait in line for hours before getting into some of the clubs of the Berlin club scene.

Berlin club scene goes all Night

But once you are in.  You are in for a real treat.  Drinks are generally cheap, the whole VIP thing doesn’t really exist in the Berlin club scene.  The Germans aren’t in general into the idea of an individual getting treated differently than the rest of us.  VIP means you are on the list so that you can cut the line, but you still gotta pay the 10-20 euro to enter.

The night doesn’t end, often you can spend the entire weekend inside a night club dancing.  You will be hard pressed to get out of the place before the sun comes up.  Most Berliner’s when they decide to go clubbing they won’t get there till close to two am and won’t leave until three in the afternoon.  So prepare yourself for the zombie walk back to the ubahn.


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