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Berlin Dating Break Hearts in Kreuzberg

Women of the ages

This past weekend was really something else in the Berlin dating world.  I told you about the club on Friday night (Renate), well for me to get into Saturday and Sunday, I have taken the opportunity to write this post while listening to Drake’s new album VIEWS.

After all the craziness that Friday night had entailed, I had decided to keep it a low key evening.  I spent most of the day nursing a hangover with weed and Archer reruns, took a nap and woke up at like 11 pm.

Earlier in the day the French girl told me she was working tonight and I should stop by, so I figured well how about I walk around for a bit, and if I make it over there I can sit at the bar and write for a while.

So that’s what I did.  I hung out at the bar and worked on Foster and Chadwick.  Got some really good stuff.  Some English guy and his German friend tried to guess if I was American or Canadian from the way I dress…they guessed American…phew!  I mean, could you imagine lol?

French Confusion

Then the French girl sits down next to me.  Which was a perfect opportunity to stop talking to this English guy, because, if I’m being honest, he was kind of annoying.  Nice guy, but he just yelled in my ear for like 45 minutes.  Just none stop, we must’ve talked about half the shows on Netflix.  For instance I know that he hates the actor Martin Freeman.  I’m not really sure why, but he has zero respect for the guy.  The bartender, who was British as well, kept giving me the look like let me know if you want me to get him out of here, but what can I say, after working at Quenchers for so long, you get used to drunk people talking complete shit to you with their stale cigarettes and skunked beer breath.  You know the type, a little too close, a little too loud, and kind of sweaty.

So yeah this girl sits down so I’m like, nice I can completely ignore this guy and because of the guy code, he has to accept it and move on.  Even the Berlin dating scene follows these rules.

She starts asking me about Peanut Butter.  She’s never had it before.  I think that is crazy personally, but whatever I power through it and flirt a little bit, I mean I don’t know where this, whatever this is is going,berlin dating bridge but screw it. So after a while I go to leave.  My bill was 8 euro.  Cheapest night yet!  We had made plans on hanging out Thursday, I’m thinking okay that is cool, so I figure well hell I’m drunk, why not see if you can steal a kiss…

It was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Like she was still talking when I went to kiss her and then was like “no no” so it immediately got really uncomfortable and darted out of there.  Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.  I felt like I needed a shower.  You know when you are just grossed out by how awkward or embarrassing a situation was?  I felt dirty…Berlin dating.

When I get home I immediately text her to apologize.  For putting her through the most awkward thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.  She turns around and texts me back to tell me not to feel embarrassed, but it’s just that her boss, the guy that met us at the shipping container venue a week back, was her boyfriend.  It was at this point that I cringed.  I mean like really cringed.  Like I woke up the next day and as soon as I opened my eyes I cringed again.

Before I get into what the next day entails, can I say so far writing this post to Drake is like reading Jane Eyre under a quilt made by my mother while drinking hot chocolate.  Thats how sensitive this is.

Berlin dating come to Life

So Sunday…after talking to my American roommate about what had happened he expressed that this is a common thing out here I decided that I should just never go to that bar ever again.  It’s unfortunate, I like the place.  But sometimes you gotta walk away from a situation.

Of course after a night like that, I decide to make plans with this American girl I met on Friday night.  It was May Day and I wanted to see what Berlin was like during it.  I had heard stories of rioting and crazy partying.  Honestly I wasn’t much into the idea of partying but I at least wanted to see what May Day is like in Berlin.  The picture above is a view of the park.

I met her at the Warschauer strasse train stop and we walked from there.  It was alright, she was pretty Travel Berlin Dating break heartstechnically, but not really my type.  I think this was more of a rebound from the night before.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

First of all, on several occasion while we were chilling having a drink and a joint in the park, she looked at me with almost a concerned look and just said, “oh,that’s so mean”.  I don’t know if she just didn’t register sarcasm, or if she was just particularly sensitive, because I can be pretty offensive, but we never talked about anything that was really a hot button issue.  I just remember her being very taken aback by my opinions on whatever nonsense we were talking about.  I think it was when she told me that she loves to pray for peoples happiness.  The Berlin dating scene is a beast and very hard to navigate.

When I asked if she was religious, she said that her understanding of God has evolved and how she views her faith.  Then she asked if I pray for people, and I told her not really.  I mean that sounds bad, but seriously I don’t.  Personally I’m not really a believer so if you don’t really believe in something, why would you pray to it?  I mean I hope for great things and happiness to friends and family, but I don’t sit there and bow my head and pray.  Stop it.

So yeah, at this point I’m pretty much halfway out the door.  Because now I’m judging her for everything she is saying, and that is a bad sign.  And then starts texting.  For a pretty long time honestly it was kind of annoying.  It was her boyfriend…excuse me, ex boyfriend, then they started seeing each other, and now they are seeing each other more…his name is Hector and he’s from Spain and he is on his way over to meet up with us.

Well, this guy isn’t gonna be here when Hector gets here.

So I faked a stomach ache and got out of there.

I walked out of the park and headed back to the train, on the way the cops started swarming.  They were everywhere.  All of them in riot gear.  As I got closer to the train, things started to pop off.  Protesters started throwing smoke bombs and the cops where getting ready to do their thing.  I hung out for a few minutes, contemplated rioting with the people, but realized that would be a dick move considering I don’t live here.  So I left.

I dunno this Drake is pretty fire.  I’m gonna have to listen some more to be sure though.

So that was my weekend.  This girls with boyfriends thing is not cool.  Shits for the birds.  Berlin dating.