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Blue Line Take the Ride and See Chicago

I’ve arrived in Chicago.  The ice cold winter air hit me hard and reminded me of my time bundled up and trying to make my way in the city with big shoulders.  I find myself back on the blue line for the first time in over nine months after riding the “L” for the past seven years prior to leaving.

Going from the sunny paradise of south Florida to what I consider my home away from home Chicago is a shock.  The climate isn’t something that you can prepare for on the beaches of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Stepping on to the blue line, listening to Childish Gambino’s new album is bumping from my Sony headphones.  Everyone is bundled up in winter garb and exhausted.  It’s a hell of a sight.  Nostalgia.

I missed this place, particularly my old local drinking hole…Quenchers over in Logan Square.  I lived above the bar along with working there for most of my seven years in Chicago.  It’s where I got my start as an artist, made my first real strong connection with people out in Chicago and where I began performing and promoting shows in the city.

Coming back to this place is like I never left.  I got back to Chicago in the early afternoon and was welcomed with shots of whiskey as is tradition in the barren cold of the Windy City. Within a few hours, I was smashed and all my plans for the day started to go out the window, however I managed to pull back.  I’m becoming more responsible I guess.

So I headed up to my old apartment were my close friend and old roommate Brian still lives.  Brian is a major force in the Coffee community with his company Abacus Coffee Roasters and is probably the best host any person can ask for…such a stellar host that he has me staying in his room and he is taking the guest room.  The world would be a better place if more had this guys sensibilities.

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