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Booking My Trip to Chicago…Oh Boy!

Sweet Home (Booking my flight)

As we speak I am working on booking shows in my old stomping ground of Chicago.  I spent almost seven years in the City with Broad Shoulders.  Some where really rough, some I love, one or two I almost hated if it wasn’t Chicago.  I spent my time there working in a rock bar called Quenchers Saloon.  I booked shows, promoted shows, played a ton of shows and it is going to be great to get back there.  I have a lot of close friends there and booking a couple of shows is vital to coming back to where I first started to perform.

Things to do while in Chicago

Monday Nights at Quenchers with Uncle Ray: I get in on Monday and can’t wait to hang with Uncle Ray.  Anyone who has been to this place will tell you that Uncle Ray is the guy.  He holds the tight of Hank the Realest award.  On Monday nights Quenchers has an open mike that can be some of the strangest things you will ever see.  Quenchers not only is a long standing hang out of the wrecked and astute artists of Chicago, but also is the first ‘Beer Bar’ in Chicago.  Don’t let any of these other idiots tell you otherwise.  Also if you go, say what’s up to James for me.  The cook in the back.

Eat at Irazu’s:  The Best.  Period.  Costa Rican Food.  Just stop.  It’s the best.  Put it up against any spot and it’s better.  It’s fun and the ceviche is crazy good.  Oh and believe it or not their Oatmeal shake is one of their hottest tickets during the day.

Tuesday Night Sub-T Lounge:  Always a good time.  It’s like the CBGB’s of hip hop in Chicago.  Without it, you wouldn’t have the battle rap scene that you have today in the Chi.  Hosted by Shadowmaster, it’s liketravel booking my trip to chicago going to Church for hip hop heads and it’s also a great place for booking talent for events.  Fucking Jazzy Jeff will just show up sometimes, it’s crazy.

Big Star: Taco’s and margarita’s.  The whole damn neighborhood of Wicker Park could turn into a pathetic cesspool of basicness and I’ll still hit Big Star up.  And since it’s winter, it won’t be too crowded, because this place can get slammed from dawn to whatever the word for two in the morning is.

Remedy:  It’s a new place that a buddy of mine opened.  I haven’t been there yet, but Remedy is a sister bar of The Owl (another on the list), Easy Bar, Estelle’s (never on the list but might stumble in if I am feeling terrible), and one other bar in Lincoln Park that I can never remember the name of.

Go see Turbo at Green Eye: One of my favorite bartender’s and bars in the city.  A real Chicago gem. Right on the border between Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park.  Their service is like non other by in if you are rude they will tell you to fuck off.  This is a place that when I was booking shows and playing around the city, they always let me hang a poster for the event in their window, even though I wasn’t playing at their bar.

Day Drink at Rossi’s:  Rossi’s is my favorite bar in Chicago.  This place is literally how all bars in the world should be.  It’s dark, it’s gross, it’s a mix of eight million types of degenerates and it’s cheap in an area of Chicago (Downtown) that is anything but.  I literally threw one of the bartenders out of Quenchers when I worked there and came in when he was working at Rossi’s and he bought my friend and I a shot.  And just said, “Cocaine”.

Go see Steveo at his spot Township:  If I’m being honest, I’ve never much liked this bar.  I won’t go into detail, but just never really was feeling it.  Then a good friend of mine and a big reason why Logan Square is what it is today bought into it.  He’s booked thousands of bands and this will be the fourth bar he helped make a name for itself.

Another pivotal spot to go drinking at in Chicago is Richard’s Bar…but that’s all we’ll say about that.

So there, I’m gonna be in Chicago for a week in December and besides hopefully booking two or three shows, I’ll also get to hit up these old spots and see how my people are doing.

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