wombat cafe comes thru with a hulk smash

Wombat Cafe Comes Thru with Hulk Smash Eats

Cafe stylin’

If you are heading to Prague and are looking for a spot to chill out, have a drink, maybe something to eat, and you like comic books too…that is a big one, go toWombat Cafe.  It’s a great spot, a producer/Dj frwombat care comes thru with a hulk smashiend of mine that lives there took me by Wombat and it was a great spot.  It was day time, so I’m not really sure of how it is at night, but I’d imagine it’s probably pretty busy.  There are murals of superheroes on the walls and they are playing hip hop from New York’s nineties era.

The food is great too, I got a Quesadilla and I was surprised at it’s quality.  Mexican food doesn’t really make much of a splash out in Europe.  So it was a rare treat.  They had great beer (I mean obviously it’s Prague) and if you are one of the special few, they have a back room where they have a couple of arcade games and you can smoke.  I’ve been told it’s for close friends, so thankfully my friend was close with the owner.  The owner was a big guy and spoke enough english to carry on a conversation, and he made the food, served the beer and did everything else that was needed.  It’s a small place.

Cornbread Mountain

After hanging at Wombat Cafe, I walked my ass back to Old Town where I was staying to meet up with my friend that I met while working at Quenchers Saloon back in Chicago.  He wanted to take me to get barbecue with him and his girlfriend.  We went to Jeff’s BBQ.  It was good, no doubt about it, but like my friend Tom said, “It’s not at the top of cornbread mountain.”

It isn’t.  The cornbread at least.  Shit was way too dry.  The ribs where good…as far as it being American style BBQ from half a world a way.

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