camden town where the weedman comes correct

Camden Town where the Weedman comes Correct

Shakespeare like a BEAST

I remember the first time I copped weed in London.  It was at the tube station in Camden Town.  I was an exchange student there for the summer to learn about Shakespeare and his works.  I went through Florida State University, they had a campus right next door to the British Museum off the Northern line.

It was an interesting experience, but not one that I would want to recreate.  In the end, I was stuck housed and hanging out with Floridians for the most part during my time there.  I did make friends with this one person that was in the program as well, and we both, about two weeks into the summer started fiending for marijuana.  So after talking to some locals and getting an idea of where is the best places for a tourist to score some drugs, we were told over and over again Camden Town.

Northern Line to Camden Town

My friend Sean and I hopped on the Northern line one night and made our way to Camden Town.  We joked as we stepped off the tube at the Camden Town stop, that it would be hilarious if once we stepped out of the station people started trying to sell us weed?  Well, that became a reality fairly quickly, by the time we reached the exit of the tube stop, some German skinhead had already asked if Sean wanted to buy some trees.  It happened so fast, I didn’t even see it happen.

So we followed the guy off away from the stop and headed down this little alleyway and homie pulled out a small bag of weed straight from Amsterdam…this is pre-California era by the way.  So we dropped the guy twenty pounds and were back on the platform waiting for our train within minutes.

camden town where the weedman comes correct

The train came without incident and Sean and I hopped on.  As the tube pulled off from the platform at Camden Town it suddenly came to a violent stop.  Nothing happened.  We sat in silence for a minute trying to figure out if the cheeba-cheeba on us was stinking up the place or if it was just our pre-high paranoia.

Ten minutes go by.  We are still sitting on the tube at the Camden Town stop waiting…people back at our flat are waiting with rolling papers and a lighter, because it’s time to do some peace pipe bonding.  Plus there was this really cute girl that I was hoping to make laugh sitting on my couch in the flat waiting as well.

Guy took a Train to the FACE

Finally the conductor comes over the intercom and explains that a man had gotten hit by the train as we were taking off from the platform.  You could see the guys legs on the ground when we tried to peer outside towards the front of the train.  I’m almost certain he took the front of the train right in the face.

Have no fear my worrisome readers, we made it back to the six floor walk up flat with the package in tow and as for that pretty girl I mentioned earlier, she had no interest in old boy.

camden town where the weedman comes correct

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