compassion fades as we reach our destination

Compassion Fades as We Reach our Destination

Compassion Loses

I see my country tearing itself apart.  It frightens me.  It’s been bad for so long…so very long.  We pretend that things used to be positive and evil and wrong was nothing we couldn’t wash off.  We’d stare off into the sun and be proud of ourselves and what was falling apart.  We ignored all signs.  Lost our compassion.  Took a deep breath and stepped over what we didn’t want to know.  My people allowed snakes in our bed and now we have been taken ill.  

The plot thickens even still.  Now it would seem that the tumor that has grown on our body is beset to too many vital organs.  To operate would kill us likely.  So the cancer grows.  We search for a cure, but our anger has caused us to lose compassion.  We have no compassion any longer, the disease has washed that away.  We now see ourselves through distorted goggles.  With these strange visions we only see perfection.  Instead of seeing what we truly are we see lies.  The country is sick and going rabid.  

The ghost of technology has begun to haunt our sickly house.  Humans turn to trolls and scour the wasteland of dot com’s and tweets.  Instead of going to the root.  To the cause.  The the very bottom of the subject, we point our fingers and shout.  We say things we never thought we would’ve.  We sink our teeth into our most basic instincts.  We become tribal.  We refuse to listen to reason.  Blame is cast on us all.  We pretend it is the “other guy” but that is a lie.  One of those many lies that we tell ourselves each day.  

The people have even come to the point of knowing the truth.  Knowing the sickness.  Knowing our lack of respect for our honest history.  And yet we do nothing.  Hypnotized by the fourth state we sit locked and engaged with our television screens.  Twenty-four hour news cycles spiral us into a loop of horror, anxiety, and spackle the two to each other using nonsense.  Numbing us out to the evil.  Blinding us by showing us only hate.  Dividing us for the sake of corruption and greed.  They have no faith in us.

Faith washes away

We have no faith in us.  We say, “What can ya do?” and move along.  Continuing down into the depths of worthlessness.  Binge watching reality television and hanging on the words of halfwits with good publicists.

Now we have come to two individuals vying for power.  Two that amongst us are possibly the most corrupt, the most devious, and the most unworthy of leadership.  Yet we foam at the mouth for them.  All are worried of the outcome.  A country of over 300 million in a tizzy over what will happen on my birthday…the eighth of November…election day.

Outside of the country foreigners stir.  They worry of the result.  They criticize and laugh at us.  They see us fighting and think us losing our minds.  We have always been the source of their entertainment, be it music, movies, or television, and now it is our politics that amuse them.  But they worry.  We are very powerful even with all our shortcomings.  

But time is running out.  The screaming gets louder.  The tempers become a permanent setting on our visage.  Many of us think we have the answers…some say Trump is the outsider we need to shake up the status quo.  What those of that mind don’t realize is that he is simply one of the corrupters who have chosen to circumvent the system that he for so long has banked from and get to the tap at the source.  He is a man of extreme wealth and privilege that has never had to sacrifice anything in this cold world.

Others want Hillary.  The wife of Bill.  A “company man” if there ever was one.  The FBI has investigated her, yet those that take up her call decry the issue.  She is a completely corrupt and a very valuable cog in the machine.  She faced an old man of honesty and wisdom whom she was forced to cheat and conspire against to thwart his ascendance to the highest place in our country.  

Feel the Burn fade Away

Some want a third party candidate.  Gary Johnson is who they praise now, others want Jill Stein.  I feel for these people, they see the okie doke happening and it worries them.  But many seem to look past the fact that we don’t hear from them until the primaries are set in stone.  They wanted to see if Bernie Sanders could beat Hillary.  They wouldn’t have joined in otherwise.  They hope to siphon off votes from those that feel cheated from Bernie’s loss.  But they don’t have the stones.  This country won’t accept them.  

So this is where we lie.  Between a quagmire and a guillotine.  Spooked like horses kept in a corral.  We fear what lies outside of our borders, whether it’s the US borders, the borders of our neighborhoods, or the borders on our own morals.  We let them scare us.  Let them makes us quiver and worry of things that are merely introduced to keep our attention while those at the top of the totem pole make off with all the wealth and freedom.  

People march in the streets for their own freedoms and we dare to question them.  We look at those that don’t look like us as the enemy and compassion loses.  We offset hope with fear and compassion loses.  We doubt the sad truths of our country and compassion loses.  We keep focus on only business and the bottom line and compassion loses.  We shame those with nothing and compassion loses.  We allow our fellow countrymen and our fellow human beings around the world to go without, starve, and then plunder what they have left and compassion loses.  Mothers and Fathers turn a blind eye to the dumbing down of our children and compassion loses.  The world trembles at the fear of what is to come and compassion loses.

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