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Dating Without a Home…and Back Home

Dating while Moving

These days home is kind of a thing that changes.  It was Florida, then it was Chicago, then it was kind of Berlin and kind of just wherever I was at the present time, now I’m back in Florida, and I plan to go back to Berlin in January, then to Rome, and from there who knows.  So as you can imagine dating can be kind of strange.

She asks you where you live and you don’t really have a great answer.  Then when you tell her that you are only here for X amount of time, they recoil and now you are no longer a serious individual in their life. But you thought they loved to travel and are trying to leave Florida, you’d think someone like myself would score major points for my current state of limbo, but nope.

Americans and Europeans

When I was running around Europe dating was even worse.  Not only are you looked at as an outsider or sort of a voyeur, but dating becomes even more difficult because of the language barrier.  Now I know, I know, everyone speaks English in Europe.  Well that isn’t true.  Sure many do, it is the internationaltravel dating without a home language of business, but I got friends in Rome that will tell you otherwise…and they would tell you in Italian because they only speak Italian.

As a man who prides himself on his game and his wit, they aren’t much help when the person I’m talking to doesn’t understand me.  I lose major points for this believe me.  So when I had to go back to the states in August, I was kind of excited to be back in Florida, where some of the most beautiful people in the world live, and also where people that speak my language and are from where I’m from live.  Nope.  Within a week I realized how far I am from being the type of guy these women out here in South Florida want.

Florida Women

To top it off people from Florida don’t really see any reason to leave Florida.  It’s like the Frank Ocean song Sweet Life, “Who needs the world when you got the beach”.  So when I am dating and they ask what I do and where I live and I go into my whole egotistical spiel, they got absolutely nothing to say to it.  They don’t really register interest of any kind, and they more or less think me a strange person.

So that proves it, I am without any real connection lol.  No matter where I go, I’m always sort of alone.  I can’t decide if I prefer it that way, or I’m just so wrapped up in the things I want to do with my life, that I forget to come up for air, or worse, I know I need to come up for air and choose not too.


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