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Dessert in Rome…the Sweet Part of your Day

Gelato will seriously change Your Life

When you talk to people about Italy or their time in Rome, everyone goes on and on about the Gelato for dessert.  So much so that I want to tell them to shut up.

But they aren’t lying.  This shit is unbelievable!  Oh my god, why can’t people back home who want to open a gelato shop make it like this?  It’s like these fools back in the States love gelato, they want to spread it across the world, but haven’t ever had any from Italy.

Dessert Anytime

This place near my apartment in Rome not only had great Gelato, but it seemed like everyone who worked there was a runway model.  I couldn’t believe it, these gelato girls were tens!  I stopped there everyday on my way home from doing the tourist thing.

Pistachio had got ahold of me.

I understand now, I agree with other people’s assessment (which I hate to do because obviously most people are stupid) but seriously this dessert is for real.  I can’t even enjoy ice cream anymore now.  I just think of gelato.  Mango gelato, Nutella gelato, double chocolate gelato, caffe gelato…it doesn’t stop.  I’ve never been atravel dessert rome sweetest part of your day dessert person, but I’m loving it.

Gelato is never a bad way to end your day of sightseeing.  Went to the Colosseum?  Gelato.  Climbed the Spanish Steps? Gelato.  Picnic in the Foro Romano? Gelato.  Stroll down the Tiber? Gelato.  Ended up in a divey Irish Pub? Gelato.  Cheat on your mistress with your wife?  Gelato.  Stone Cold Stunner?  Gelato.  

But if you are looking for the best in town, I’d suggest RivaReno.  They have two stores in Rome, but the one that I had near where I was staying was the one on Magna Grecia.  Right off of San Giovanni and walking distance from Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterno another great historic site.

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