drink beer dance like mad in prague

Drink Beer, See Stalin, Dance Like Mad in Prague

Drink cheap Live well

You jump on the Deutsche Bahn and in 4 1/2 hours you are in Prague ready to drink beer and chase women and walk amongst the gothic city that covets reckless abandon.  The prices in Prague can’t be beat.  They aren’t on the euro so lucky you.  If you thought Berlin was cheap it’s about to get even better.

You hit the cobble stones and head to old town.  The architecture draws you into it’s winding streets.  A drink beer dance like mad in praguegiant statue of Stalin stands off across the river.  You’re an American, you may have never left the country, you haven’t seen anything dedicated to communism before.  #Culture.  You notice a fire truck type vehicle with a hose hooked up to the wall of a bar.  You realize it’s beer.  You duck in and drink down a glass.  Oh my god…they weren’t lying in Berlin…Prague has the best beer.  Something is playing through the speakers of this cavernous place.  Something unexpected, but perfectly place.  Zion I.

There’s a guy at the end of the bar.  Devilish bastard.  Hanging in the darkness.  You smell something.  That outrageously loud green is seeping through his jacket pocket.  Before you know it your drunk and you build up the courage to see if he’s selling.  He is, you cop a dub finish your drink and go outside in that picturesque medieval city and light up.  You keep it low key, you don’t know the rules.  You’ve heard it’s safe, but you still fear the inside of a jail located in a country that isn’t your own.

You head to your hotel, it’s cheap enough in Prague so you spring for a hotel.  You probably should’ve checked in earlier, but I understand, it’s a beautiful place full of magic.

The hotel is in the Old Town district of Prague.  Right smack dab in the midst of all the bustle amongst the stone buildings.  You grab a bottle of booze before you get to your room.  Cheers to you.  You drink a couple stiff shots of vodka.  It isn’t your favorite, but it gets you right.

Meat Meat Meat

You go get food.  You try a BBQ joint.  Bad Jeff’s Barbecue the ribs are good, the beer is better…the corn bread was “so so”.  After dinner you wander around.  You rolled a joint for yourself and smoke it whiledrink beer dance like mad in prague you find your way around the city under the orange lit streets of Prague’s magnificent shadows being cast from it’s wondrous structures.

You put on your headphones and you scroll through your music to find that right mood.  You’re ready to party.  Something tells you you may end up doing a bit of dancing tonight in a club…hopefully not alone…hopefully with one of these beautiful Prague women.  They’re tough boy.  Be ready.

At the Disco

You meet a couple locals, they’re Dj’s heading to a show.  Maybe it was the fact that you let them hit your joint you were smoking, but either way, they invite you with them.  They don’t speak any english and you don’t know czech so let the charades begin.

Part of you are worried that you may end up in the new Hostel movie, but you press on.  They take you to a place were a giant with a handlebar mustache and a bald head stands guard.  They say a few words to the guy and he lets you in with them.

Before you know it, you’re swept up in it.  Eastern European women…that’s all I’m gonna say.  You do shots with the Dj’s, they introduce you to the bartender.  Her name is Andula she gives you shots of Jaegermeister whether you want it or not.  You dance.  Maybe you get lucky, who knows.  Some guy asks if you want cocaine.  You don’t normally partake, but then again…you end up in a bathroom stall with this guy doing key bumps.

You bust out of the stall and head back to the party.  It’s crazy late and it doesn’t matter.  You end up in the Dj booth smoking a spliff.  Things don’t stop.  The disco ball hanging above the dance floor dances in the air like the sun.

drink beer dance like mad in prague

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