election day in america

Election Day in America…Happy Birthday Me

Today is election day in America.  It is also my Thirty Second Birthday.  It is a strange day to celebrate when you got Dormammu at the gates.  I do gotta say that voting today was like lifting a giant piano of stress and frustration off my shoulders.

Being in a swing state like Florida it is a very different experience when it comes to elections.  Every time it’s a dog fight.  Tension gets really high really quickly, the Republican party of Florida is very strong and they do a devastating job with the signs.  Always, the shit is everywhere.  So we will see.  I’m hoping Clinton and her corrupt ass manages to pull this one off.

I can’t stand Hillary to be honest.  I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and her and the DNC totally cheated him out of the nomination, but when you got someone like Donald Trump coming for the title on election day, you gotta do what you have to do.  Sometimes you gotta vote for the devil you know…because the devil you don’t could maybe do something insane.

Too many Germans have told me that my people should remember German history and what happened when they voted off emotion and for someone with a Nationalist Agenda that put the blame of the world on those that don’t look like them or pray like them.

So my hope is that cooler heads will prevail and that we won’t burn the whole borgata down.  I wanna believe that this election is no different than any other, but I don’t know.  I don’t think the country has ever been in a situation like this.  To be completely frank, it’s scary, but I think it’s very important.  I think the volume of filth in this election is going to create a fracture in both the political parties cause us to have more choices in future elections…at least this is my hope.

Tonight my parents are taking me to family friend Louie Bossi’s restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.  Hopefully we can continue to celebrate both my birthday and election day from there and not have to worry we are starting to resemble the Third Reich in spirit.