election reality crazy vs corrupt

Election Reality: Crazy vs. Corrupt

One of my closest friends took me out last night for my birthday that’s coming up on election day November the eighth.  We met up at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino and had a drink then went down to Ft. Lauderdale to hit a couple of bars and see his girl at her work.

As per usual, going out in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is always and forever the same.  Same music, same people, same bars, same drinks, same environment.  On this night it was perhaps a little bit different.  We went to Public House first and sat outside and talked about the election coming up with one of the bartenders.  She had voted early and said she is terrified that the Donald may win.  My friend Justin, felt the same way.  And so do I.  This is the first time I feel terrible about who I have to vote for.  This country is gonna miss President Obama…unless you hate black people, then I guess you will be happy.

The three of us couldn’t believe how many people had Trump signs in front of their houses, some have great big Trump flags, others have mailboxes carved out of wood into the shame of Trump.  Well, we wondered what it looks like when you brainwash people into voting for a goddamn fascist dictator.  It’s interested if it wasn’t so damn scary, but America hasn’t had to deal with a Fascist prick since we broke free of our original Fascist prick.  And something tells me this one could be worse.

I’d say that I have friends that are voting for Trump this election, but I don’t think I do, but family members and family of friends? You bet.

Now this isn’t to say that Hillary is worth a shit either, she is corrupt and a criminal probably, but Fascist dictator?  No.  She’ll rob ya, lie to ya, and leave you feeling used, but she won’t build a damn wall, or consider all people from a certain place in the world evil.  So yeah, unfortunately I am gonna vote for Hillary.  My only bit of satisfaction that I get from her winning is the fact that she will know in her heart that she literally had to run against a reality television star in order to win.  And this I appreciate.

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