espresso espresso especiales chaotic geek

Espresso Espresso Especiales Chaotic Geek

I’ve never been much for drinking coffee, but since spending time overseas, I’ve fallen in love with espresso.  It’s funny, while I was in Chicago, I lived with a friend who while I we were roommates, he started his own coffee company, and I never even tried his stuff.  I stuck to what I knew and thought I’d never have any real appreciation for coffee products, but Italy changed me.  Espresso became a constant in my life,  a nice double shot will get me right for the day.

However the other day, while on the road, I somehow ended up having six shots of espresso over the course of like four hours, needless to say, I was wired until about 3am.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t sit still, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.  I smoked weed and that didn’t help at all, if anything it made it worse.  This was a issue that I was unaware of while I was drinking all these espresso shots.

The following day I woke up and promised I would never do that to myself again.  Most coffee drinkers I talk to, love that feeling of caffeinated anxiety, but not me.

It wasn’t a productive anxiety either.  I went to the gym to attempt to burn off some of this fuel, but that did nothing, trying to write became an issue that I wasn’t really able to navigate.  I wanted to write, I needed to write, but unfortunately all that espresso had me geeking out.  I ended up laying in bed staring at the ceiling fan while counting my hear beats.  It was the closest I’ve came to crazy in months.  Did this put me off espresso though?  Not at all, but know I try to limit myself to two shots a day.  Anything more and I’m worried will bring on chaos.

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