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traveling to Rome - Theatre in rome

Finding Hash in Rome Necessary Evil

Finding Hash in Rome

Been loving Rome.  It’s a wild place.  Outside of the tourist heavy areas, it’s a pretty chill and laid back city.  Going out consists mostly of eating and drinking with friends, sitting in a Piazza with a couple bottles of beers.  Turns out over near the Colosseum, is the spot for hash in Rome.


Ivano, Me, and Luigi at an outdoor club on the outskirts of Rome.

The other night, we got a little crazy.  One of the roommates that we stay with, the American girl, is doing promotion for this, like, club crawl.  So we decided, why not check it out.  Turns out I was about 5-10 years older than everyone that was at the crawl, so that was kind of strange, but still a lot of fun.  We started off at Campo de’ Fiori.IMG_4582.JPG

Ivano, Luigi, and Hank

We hit our first bar and I fell in love with the barista.  Oh my god!  Fantastico!  Bellissima!  Her name was Jamila.  Roman, Tunisian, and Persian I believe.  WOW!  She approached me and I couldn’t even be clever or charming.  I simply stuttered over and over again.  I will be back to this bar before I leave.  Her smile was like a sedative.

After meeting Jamila, my spirits were high.  I normally hate pub crawls and any other type of group activity, but Luigi and Ivano are always fun, so it made it a riot.  And yes, we smoked more hash in Rome.

We headed to this charter bus that took us to the club outside of the city.  It was huge.  A giant outdoor party space with different areas where different drinks were served.  Women danced on poles in next to no clothing and I almost got in a fight in the bathroom waiting to piss.

Some guy tried to cut the line.  So I took exception to it, and me and him exchanged some insults.  He was Italian so I just flung any curse word or insult that I could remember at him.  He didn’t back down and ran his mouth back, I really wanted to beat the shit out of him, but I dunno if a Roman jail is the best place to end up when you are a visitor lol.  So we ended up pissing right next to one another while we continued to talk shit to one another.  Vaffanculo!

After that, plus the fact that I’m in a packed night club with youngsters, and the host of the club crawl was a huge douche, my patience was gone.  I had a good time still, but let me add that the music that Italians listen to, is not my type of music lol.  It is the farthest thing from anything I’m into music wise, but, when in Rome!




Spliff’s by the Colosseum

Last night Ivano and I met a couple of girls from Rome that gave me some names of Rome hip hop artists that I’m gonna check out.  We smoked a hash spliff with them, while the sun set over the Colosseum and it just made sense.

Ivano and Luigi have literally cooked me dinner almost every night I’ve been in Rome.


Fucking Calzone with prosciutto and mozzarella and mushrooms.

He also made a bunch other pizza’s that got eaten before I could take a picture of them lol.