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go cubs go the day my friend won the world series

Go Cubs Go: The day my friend won the World Series

The Cubs did it

Well after 108 years of losing, the Chicago Cubs are the Champions!  The curse is dead!  Millions upon millions of Cubs fans all over the world have cried tears of joy, I’d imagine a lot of love was made after this momentous occasion.  To see such a loyal group of fans finally enjoy the fruits of those they cheer ons labor is such a great thing.

go cubs go my friend wont the world series

Shot by Julie Fennell

I spent the better part of seven years living in Chicago and when the Cubbies are playing, there is no rest.  The North side surrounding Wrigley Field is buzzing.  Normally I could talk at length about my disdain for this region of Chicago, the Cubs fans can drive you crazy living there.  However in the end, a great and miraculous thing happened, the Cubs brought home the championship.  And my buddy Ant was dead in the center of the action.

We grew up together and I’ll tell you right now, he could flat out play.  Even when he was young he could flat out play.  I’m about four or five years older than him and we grew up down the street from one another. And the school we went to was a very prominent public school when it came to baseball.  So I would take him out hitting with some of the kids on the team (I used to play JV) and he would blow them all away at like the age of twelve.  So honestly I was never really that impressed when he got to the pro’s.  He was always destined to go to the pro’s.  He was always supposed to be a big deal, but to end up winning a World Series with the Chicago Cubs…that’s impressive.  That shit is crazy.

Big John Meets his Spirit Animal

What might be the only thing that could make the situation even more outstanding is the fact that Anthony Rizzo’s old man, Big John, met Bill Murray.  Growing up Big John was our Bill Murray in many ways.  He was the one me, my little brother, Ant, and his big brother Johnny always wanted to hang out with.  My brother Matt and I would go over to their house even if Johnny and Anthony weren’t there just so we can see what Big John is doing.  He could play god knows how many instruments.  Piano, Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, Bass, Tibetan ceremonial horn, harmonica, and I’d imagine several others that he can make a racket on.  He also is quite the artist.  He has dabbled in gorilla art installation (meaning he made a sculpture called three fingers of doom and with our help took it to a local art museum and stood it out on the lawn with the other sculptures).

He’s an amazing cook that’s meatballs as well as his Thanksgiving stuffing are out of this world.  The key to a Big John meatball sub is that he crushed up the meatballs a bit.  He used to take us to Miami Heat games because he somehow got a press pass so he could sit on the floor with the photographers and shoot the games (yeah he’s into photography too).

But of all his gifts to us as kids were his songs and skits:

His Farts of the Rich and Famous Tape

His Sam Boner MD video series

His parody songs: Matt Kinni man, 7-11’s got a sale on beer, and Fat Girl

A Good Year

To see Big John with his son celebrating the Cubs win, is just one of the greatest things I could witness.  I’ve been pretty blessed as of late with great gifts.  My brother Matt was just married, my long time friend and honestly sort of non blood cousin won the World Series and broke the Chicago Cubs curse of the goat, traveling all over Europe, and just having the opportunity to hang out with my family after living in Chicago for so long.  I can’t really be any happier.

Go Cubs Go the day my friend won the world series

Shot by Peter Merholz

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