habanos on the malecon with the cuban smile

Habanos on the Malecon, with the Cuban Smile

Salt Air Saves Lives

The Malecon is a strip along the coast of Havana, where the ocean crashes into the seawall sending salt water crashing onto the drag.  It’s a place where local Habanos go to drink and laugh and chase girls.  And let me tell you, you step onto the Malecon and before you know it the ladies swarm.  Sexy mami’s with coke bottle curves and sex oozes from their words.  Havana is such a sexy place.  It’s as if when girl Habanos are born, if they are destined to have no ass, they are tossed into the sea never to be seen again, because every single one of the females I’ve run into in Cuba have “Culo Grande”.

Connect with the Malecon

When you are in Cuba, you feel completely cut off from everything going on back home.  There is very little, to no internet on the island, so working remotely is out.  Because of this, it gives you the feeling of complete freedom, which is strange because you are in a Communist country short on freedom.  But the Habanos keep it moving.  Their smiles are honest and they love their country.

Habanos and Fried Chicken

The women are a testament to the beauty of latin people.  And they aren’t afraid to show it.  We ran into a couple of women dressed in tiny tiny pencil skirts and they wasted no time approaching us.  They sit right on your lap and begin to whisper in your ear.  Lionesses on the hunt.  There here to work and move that ass with great aplomb.

We ate some tremendous fried chicken along the Malecon next to an old stone built watch tower.  The sounds that come from the city coincide perfectly with the atmosphere the Habanos create.  It’s a place where “It is possible” is the catch phrase of the country.  The idea of hope stands firmly in their minds…even with all the dictatorship stuff and lack of food and money.  Hope still stands.

habanos on the malecon with the cuban smile


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