havana trip rolled up and smoked

Havana Trip Rolled Up and Smoked (Prequel)

Cuba Libre

I leave for Cuba tomorrow with a few friends.  After one night the main group of people are arriving for my friends bachelor party.  It was up to me and a couple of his other close buddies to put the trip together.  We couldn’t have picked a better place than Havana.  Preparing for this Havana trip has been hectic because of my ability to put things off until the last minute, plus there are a total of eleven people going, so it can be difficult to plan for such a big group.

As far as booking things in advance, besides where we will be staying, things are being left fairly open.  I put together an entire itinerary for the trip, but imagine that within the first day we will abandon it for the chaos and excitement of reckless abandon.  In all my years of traveling and getting into mischief in foreign lands the best things have come from spontaneity.

havana trip rolled up and smoked

Havana Trip for the Soul of Mankind

I’ve never been much for rules, and guidelines, and the typical…this can fluster some, hell most, but for me it’s the way to pure adventure.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not a planner.  I’ve done nothing but plan and research and plan again for this trip, but in the end any schedule, hopefully, will be tossed aside to make for a truly memorable Havana trip.

We got a place in the center of the old district of the city for the first night (which will just be the bachelor, myself, and another great friend of ours).  We are all seasoned explorers with inquisitive minds.  This Havana trip may be the greatest adventure many of the people on this expedition will have ever had, many are adventurous types as well so many will have already had experience wandering the streets of a strange place.  But none the less, for an American, particular someone who grew up in south Florida, going to Cuba is a real treat.

Face the Mystery Next Door

With all that is going on with the world it is going to be nice to go someplace that has been forbidden to Americans for so long.  Many have tried to suggest ideas, I’ve went even so far as to leave the majority of people going on the trip, out of the loop.  It’s better this way.  Anyone can suggest cocaine and hookers.  Then there are some that have already been for a weekend and are trying to help, which is awesome, but at the end of the day, the goal is to do something others haven’t that have been to Havana, and if we can’t do the unknown, then embrace the adventure and take a leap of faith on what the country has to offer us for our Havana trip.

On Thursday we meet the bulk of the people coming on this Havana trip at our Villa that we’ve rented through Airbnb, I won’t go in detail as to what we are gonna do and where we are staying (you’ll have to check back in after I get back with pictures and videos), but I will just tell you that not only did your boy find a murderously dope villa for this Havana trip, but I also, through my contacts in Miami, secured us a connect on the Island.  Someone to ensure are partying is at maximum intensity.

So as I count the hours until I can leave work early for the day, I keep planning, keep thinking, keep brainstorming, keep researching, and ultimately know that the best will come from nowhere.  After how much research can you really do, Cuba doesn’t really have any internet.

Plus Cuban Cigars, Rum, and Coffee.

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