italian passion mixed with the taste of love

Passion mixed with the Taste of Love: Travel Italy

Passion finds it’s way through Everything

I think my place in the world might be in Italy.  The longer I am away the more I feel connected and think of going back.  I’ve heard many people say that Italy is the most livable of all of Europe, while I’m notpassion mixed with the taste of love sure if it is the most livable, I do think it is the one that is most inviting.  It’s food, it’s history, it’s passion can’t be rivaled.  They are a happy people and full of life.  When you find yourself in the company and hospitality of Italians, you find yourself with family.

Being raised in a fairly Italian American household, I was already accustomed to some of the cultural traits of the old country.  I was raised on homemade pasta four times a week and olive oil runs through my veins.  Going to Italy for the first time was like being in a country full of people that look like my father, tiny olive skinned men with black hair and big noses…yup that’s my Pop.

New Friends

I made life long friends in Italy.  It was a magical experience full of passion.  Traipsing through the city center of Rome on a warm summer night after all the bars have closed and the sun is just beginning to peak from off in the distanpassion mixed with the taste of lovece.  Drinking Negroni and sharing hash spliff’s while the smell of fresh baked bread and pastry wafts from local cafe’s preparing to open.

You’ve spent your night dancing and drinking with friends to electronic Italian pop, got in an altercation in the mens room with a wise ass local who cut the line.  He can tell you are American from your size and how
you dress, you throw every curse word you can muster in Italian at him.  Even going so far as pointing to your fist then to his face.  And after all that you end up having to piss next to him in the bathroom.  You continue your attempts at insults and prepare for a tussle in the the bathroom, but nothing happens, he is half your size, he sees how big your hands are, he walks away.

End the Night like a Roman

When you get back to your flat your buddies that you have made in your Airbnb flop house, start filling pots with water and dicing garlic and pepperoncini peppers for the sauce.  Passion is in the cooking. It’s five in the morning and a bowl of pasta is coming your way.  They smoke cigarettes while they cook and you roll up a final spliff for the night.  One of them checks the scores of the tennis matches from the day to see if he won any money.  They play Eminem and 50 Cent on their phones because you are a rapper and they want to play music you like.  You don’t tell them that you aren’t into Eminem or Fifty anymore.

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