affirmation of life chicago takes me back

Affirmation of Life…Chicago Takes Me Back

I sometimes forget all the great things that Chicago has given me in those seven years that I lived there.  Being back was a really great affirmation of what the Windy City means to me.  I dunno if I’ll ever end up back there settled down, but the people that I have come to love like family there never let me down.  And Chicago will always be home.

After living in Chicago for seven very tough and learning years, I left with a bad taste in my mouth, leaving in a heap of dust with remnants of my past left behind to be collected at a later date.  I couldn’t wait to leave that place when the opportunity came about, but after spending six days back in my old apartment above my old job with my old roommate, that lovely nostalgia crept back and reminded me of all the progress and success I had there.  

I worked so hard to claw my way out of Chicago and being broke that I neglected what I had left behind.

I cared not about keeping ties at the time, and just like coming back to south Florida again, I had come to find that was a mistake. The heart of my people in Chicago amazes me. From former coworkers, fantastic roommates, life long brothers, grand collaborators, and old wise beings, they all have left their mark and looking back into that familiar life, I realize it all over again.  I get that affirmation from walking back into Quenchers all over again.  

It hurts leaving them again, but to see them was greatness.  To play shows with them, to toast each other, and to spend a few precious days with them has rejuvenated me.  Most of my friends these days are in Chicago, although I grew up in south Florida, many have left, and almost all of them have settled down and with that drifted away a bit.  I’m happy for them, but those beasts up in Chicago, they won’t be forgotten.

Peace to Chicago and all it’s wise guys and gals.

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