chicago doormen stay cool don't punch anyone

Chicago Doormen Stay Calm and Don’t Punch Anyone

Open mike Rhythms

Being a Chicago doormen was an experience that has helped mold me into who I am today.  It’s a strange thing, but I learned more about the world than I had ever before in any previous job.  You learn how people are when they don’t have a boss or a parent or a spouse telling them what to do.  People will behave more honestly then probably any other setting in their lives.

Open mike night was always the strangest as far as people go.  The delusional, the burnt out, the glorious, the never was, and much more.  I’ve witnessed art kids build a blanket fort on stage.  They spent fifteen minutes dancing around like nymphs whilst tossing torn up shreds of paper in the air like confetti.

All the crazies come Knocking

An Elvis impersonator would show up in a mini van and help three eighty year old back up dancers in flapper dresses before performing to a CD of Elvis Presley while fake playing a guitar.  Chicago doormen must always beware of the strange people that could show up at any given time.

There was a tiny androgynous kid that clearly stole his whole style and swagger from 1960’s Bob Dylan.  Even when he performed original songs, his writing was a clear jocking of Dylan’s style.  Incidentally his best work was when he sang Joy Division covers in his winding, cat sounding, Bob Dylan steeze.

The open mike world is a wondrous place full of freaks and geeks and strange people of all types. I’ve witnessed men in black wedding gowns singing goth jams.  Rappers spitting over their own recorded lyrics.  Comedians that write jokes about Dinosaurs.  And so on and so forth down and down the rabbit hole into crazy land.  Where a Chicago doorman must navigate the strange behaviors of societies outcast musicians.

chicago doormen stay calm and don't punch anyone

Chicago Doormen keep cool kiddo

It’s was a very interesting moment in my life.  The variety of the crazy in a bar on a open mike night is stellar.  They tend to end up becoming very close with each other, it’s definitely it’s own dichotomy of people.  And being a Chicago doorman in an establishment that cater’s to this group of people.  It’s a broken carnival troupe.  Drunken jugglers, manic poets, a host that looks like he might be a gypsy, and a plethora of folks living on the fringe of society.

Peep the Lyrical Chaos

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