national mentality predicated on bitchassness

National Mentality Predicated on Bitchassness

National Mentality a tale of twins

These days it feels like people are perpetually upset with each other.  No one has room for differences.  Everything has to be equal and tolerant.  Everyone’s a critic.  Old, young, liberal, conservative, black, white, hispanic, asian, muslim, gay, straight, LGBTQ, alt-right, progressive left, it doesn’t stop.  Everyone has a bone to pick with one another.  I get it, the place is fucked up.  We all have issues and opinions.  We all want to be heard and spread our ideals to others.  It’s the same reason this blog post is occurring.  The national mentality is, we all have the answer.  We’ve all looked at it from every angle and after careful deliberation and thought, we have found the obvious answer to all the problems of the world.  Just kidding.

The truth is most live in a bubble made of their own design.  Once our national mentality was we were constantly as human beings trying to separate ourselves from the echo chambers that our families and elders set up for us, but with the birth of the internet it has made information within our grasp, so now instead of striking out to meet and befriend and connect with people that aren’t like us, who may be from somewhere else, who may not agree with you philosophically, who have different religious beliefs, and who are just in general different from you,  now we prefer to put up walls around us to block us from people that don’t fit our caliber of person.

Lost in between Mood swings

A few years back I did it myself, I began blocking and flat out unfriending people on facebook that I didn’t deem intelligent, or felt were too ignorant and unsympathetic to the ills of the world, but this was wrong of me.  I’ve realized that my personal views on the world and politics and whatever else we like to argue about, doesn’t matter…it’s simply my opinion.  This is where the national mentality should begin to start heading.

So as of the past six months or so, after spending six months prior traveling Europe and learning about how things work overseas, I’ve realized that nothing good comes from divisiveness.  And that nine times out of ten people aren’t who you think they are.  Assumptions and guessing by moves they may have made or political stances they may have took is far to simplistic to derive an accurate portrayal of any one individual.

Everyone is up in arms

We pass around meme’s and videos of atrocities and did you know’s, and we expect the world to be a better place because, duh.  But that isn’t how things work.  Like Armand Assante said in his role as John Gotti in the film GOTTI when he hears the tapes the FBI made about him talking about illegal activities, “Let them play those tapes, over and over again, and pretty soon they won’t hear them anymore.” I’m paraphrasing, but there is a lot of truth to that.  The tapes weren’t enough to convict, they had to get a turncoat, a rat, a scumbag, named Sammy The Bull to prove Gotti’s guilt.  Soon those video’s and memes will numb us out, and they already have.  It’s to the point where people think being social conscious on facebook and spreading these things around the internet is somehow taking a stand.  People actually sign and share petitions online thinking they are going to get some kind of results.  They will show the world how many people agree with them.  But what happens from those things?  Not really anything, because the people that sign them don’t take it much further.

On both sides of the political spectrum there is a willingness to beat the other at all costs.  It’s becoming okay if it’s a lie as long as it is a lie that walks hand in hand with the popular narrative.  Living in Chicago for close to seven years, a place that I have a deep appreciation for, because of the people that where born and raised in that great city.  Their strength and ability to keep fighting for what they believe is astounding, but where I lived it was mostly occupied by people like myself who didn’t grow up in Chicago, but you wouldn’t believe it by the Chicago flag tattoo’s.  People would bitch and moan and get visibly angry because of the fucked up things happening in the world, but you rarely ever heard about these people actually attempting to do something.  They don’t do anything.  We don’t do anything.  And yet we still think the world can be fixed.

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