new job to supply future habits cant stop wont stop

New Job to Supply Future Habits…Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Beginning a new job

Started a new job today.  It’s been almost a decade since I worked in Florida and it’s as strange as it’s ever been.  South Florida tends to breed a certain type of individual.  Hustlers and those looking for riches are in abundance.  Down here people are always looking for more and more and more.

Money Speaks

I was originally in talks with an editor of a small newspaper about writing for them, then I came across this current opportunity, which is a million miles from any type of writing job, but can pay extremely well, and I am in a tight spot looking for future financial freedom along with the funds to advertise for my novel, music, and blog.

I’ve spent the past decade not putting much focus on making money.  I worked for almost six years in a club in Chicago doing security and it was never very lucrative.  I devoted the vast majority of the seven years I spent in Chicago promoting my music and the music of my friends, writing my first novel, and throwing hip hop shows.

Making Bones

I made my bones very well. Chicago taught me all I know about the music industry.  How to maneuver how to book with venues and how production costs work.

One very vital thing that I didn’t learn was, always build your costs into the final expenses.  Before any of these rappers get paid, make sure if you put the show together that you get yours first.

It took me coming home to Florida and talking business with my Pop for me to really understand this.

So this new job is all about me.  It’s about making big money so that I can put it away and plan for the big moves in the future for my work.  But for now I am resorting to selling my ass off to build up my future.  It’s exciting and getting to work with a bunch of pals from my troublemaker days should be a lot of fun.

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