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Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzaria Owns Ft Lauderdale

The other night was my birthday and there was only one place I was interested in eating at…Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzaria.  I had never been.  Everyone I talk to loves the place, and my family is loosely connected to the place in the fact that we’ve known Louie Bossi for close to twenty years through the Rizzo’s who his older brother Richie lived.  I used to go with my family to Pizza Supreme, a small pizza joint in Coral Springs when I was little and he used to work there, so to see him with his own place and thriving is a great thing and it really is one of those American Dream stories.  So from my whole family, we celebrate the restaurants success.

Louie put together an antipast for us.  My father was peckish for some prosciutto mozzarella and tomatoes.  And out came a big platter with all types of olives and figs it was wow.   Then some friend calamari.  For dinner I got a New York strip with a side of pasta.  The steaks are their secret weapon, and that shit is delicious.  They are aged and wow!  Honestly I’ve eaten at tons of great steak houses all over Florida and Chicago and beyond and I don’t know if it was that a friend of the family made it, but it was unbelievable.  Perfectly pink and already cut from the bone, but they make sure to leave the bone chilling right there on the plate so you can get up in it for those that like to caveman it up.

I was full beyond full.  I mean really bordering on uncomfortable.  I needed to lay down.  Then Louie comes back to see how our meal was, and asked if we were ready for desert.  The old man tried to say no, but Louie wasn’t having it, he had a couple of his people bring out a massive assortment of deserts, cheesecake, biscotti, tiramisu, gelato, cannoli, cookies and espresso.  Grazie!  

Besides the fact that they stuffed me like a pig at Louie Bossi’s, the place is just cool.  It’s got a smooth look to it and the Dj was playing classic Kanye (blessings to the DJ).  The outdoor area has bocce.   The whole place is spacious and lets it’s customers breath.  And the open kitchen is just a great addition to any restaurant.

So thank you Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzaria, the service was tremendous, the food was original and delicious.  Oh and the man has a Pizza Degree from Naples, Italy…just stop reading this now and go eat.  Mangiare!

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