mushrooms with uncle mike in the vondelpark

Mushrooms With Uncle Mike in the Vondelpark

Once in Amsterdam I ate a whole lot of mushrooms with my Uncle Mike.  Actually twice we ate mushrooms in the Netherlands, but this time we went to the Vondelpark after hearing it is a spectacular place to enjoy your day in the middle of the summer.

Our hotel was next to the central train station of Amsterdam and I woke up to my Uncle Mike in his underwear and a large handful of mushrooms in his hand, “Junior eat these…it’s time to go for a ride.” I stuffed them in my mouth and Uncle Mike gave me a glass of water.  I chugged it down and took a shower.  By the time we had reached outside I had to puke.  I found a spot near a bike rack and let it rip.  I instantly felt better.  My Uncle took pictures of me while I was throwing up…I never got my hands on those.

By the time we reached the Vondelpark they had just began to kick in.  They were very strong lol.  I remember them kicking in when I was standing under a very large canopied tree, the light was twinkling in and I could feel my jaw tighten and that wave you get that comes over you.  I just got goose bumps writing that.

I ended up in a rose garden.  My Uncle had walked off.  A man with a staff comes up to me.  He has no shirt on and no shoes only karate pants.  He speaks very good english.  He asked if I studied Kung Fu, I said when I was a kid and some boxing a little later on but not in a while.  He said pointed at my shirt…turns out I had my old Bruce Lee shirt on.  The mushrooms were kicking in pretty hard at this point, the blades of grass where starting to reveal Graffiti style waves.

He tells me he learned english on the streets of Berlin, which while on mushrooms sounded like the strangest thing I had ever heard.  Then, with his staff, he pointed to a tiny weed plant growing amongst a sea of roses, “That is my baby…I take care of it.  I love it.  I make sure she grows strong.  All natural from the earth.”

I left the man to his plant and his Kung Fu and found a place in the shade where I could attempt to write.  So I find this perfect spot, the sun shined on the garden in front of me and there was the shade of this bush that I remember being so comforting…until I thought spiders were falling from it onto my shoulders and crawling all over my body.  That’s when they turned for a little bit, I had to change seats under another shadowy bush…then I was better again.  But I didn’t have my headphones, I gave my Uncle Mike my ipod and headphones because he was getting jealous of me having music so he wanted to go sit by the lake and listen to TV On The Radio.

When he got back he was smiling ear to ear, “This TV on the whatever is fantaaaastic.  Oh man I was flying.”


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