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Need to Touch the Sun…Always

Infused with Anger

Back home there is too many signs pounded into the front yards of my people.  These are my brothers and sisters and I don’t understand them. Baffled at their decisions and can’t seem to find any clear reasoning.  I worry for my country.  I worry for what we have inadvertently become from our over amplified ambitions.  We are now simply what any empire has been before us.  We aren’t the special ones.  The ones that are pure and without moral corruptness.  The light has been turned on.  The anger is too much.  Red faced middle aged over weight addicts scream for destruction.  Hooked on fear and a need for blind hatred.

He came like any ruthless monger.  From his golden perch swooping down to get away with murder.  I can’t believe the lengths we go.  A man once asked me as he pointed to his wife, “How do you make a level headed person such as my wife, go along with genocide and holocaust?”

I told him turn on his television.  Every channel is dedicated to it.  We don’t have news anymore.  It’s a mere drivel to anything resembling journalism.  It eats into our lives, our feeds, and our dreams.  Pummeling us with banter.  Opinion, propaganda, and fear.  These are what make up the Big 3.  You know them, they hold down all ends of the establishments political spectrum.  Stirring up the lot of us and pointing us towards one another.

We play pretend essentially

This isn’t a new ideal.  This isn’t the new age of control, this is simply the nature of ‘us’.  I don’t think humans are really capable of living free.  We yearn for too much.  Reaching for more than we will need.  Packing on the extra pounds for ‘just in case’ scenario’s.  As citizens we point our fingers at everyone else.  We say, “It is them!  They are the culprit!”

But if you take a moment to look around we come to find that all of us have a finger pointed in our direction.  We are all to blame for our condition.  You, me, all of us.  It isn’t the politicians, it isn’t the media, it isn’t the cops, it isn’t Black Lives Matter, it isn’t Republicans, it isn’t democrats, it isn’t Mexicans, it isn’t Jews, it isn’t Muslims, it isn’t Christians, it isn’t conservatives, it isn’t liberals…its human beings and the lies we tell ourselves so that we sleep at night.

Need for a Breakthrough

If our conscious was dropped into the bodies of others than we would understand what the world is like for others, but it isn’t, so we must try to use our brains to imagine.  Then we can begin to understand.  Until we do this, we won’t ever be able to get to the root of the problems and make any real lasting progress.

Collectively we need to listen more.  We need to put aside biases.  It’s hard.  Damn near impossible sometimes, but necessary to make and real connection.  We need to mingle more.  We need to touch strangers lives more.  We need to fight more.  We need to love more.  We need to give each other a break more.  We need to forgive.  We need to apologize.

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