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old friend barcelona never again

Old friend from college. Never again.

Old friend from Collage

So last night I met up with an old friend from college.  We hadn’t seen each other in about 10 years and she (we’ll call her Reena) has been on a little over two week trip to Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona.  We didn’t have a chance to get together in Berlin, but it just so happened that we are both in Barcelona at the same time.  So I hit her up on whatsapp to see if she wanted to get drinks and something to eat.

I met this old friend from college at Placa Reial in the Gothic Quarter just off La Ramblas.  The square is surrounded by open air restaurants and bars that get very busy in the evening.  We hadn’t seen each other, and really haven’t been apart of each others lives in a very long time, but any old friends familiar face is nice to see when you are so far from home.  Plus she had been having a hell of a time with the friend of hers that she had been traveling with so I told her it would be a good excuse for her to blow off some steam and bitch about her shitty travel partner.

Me and my old friend got taco’s at Ocana in the square and things started off pretty well.  The Michelada that I ordered was spicy and damn good and the taco’s didn’t disappoint either.  We caught up on all the general topics old friends talk about when they haven’t seen someone in a very long time, plus I had the pleasure of getting to tell her that a mutual friend of ours (she had a crush on him in collage evidently) had a kid on the way and was engaged.  At the time I felt kind of bad breaking that news, but by the end of the evening, looking back it I was tickled that it was me who got to deliver it.

After dinner (she insisted on paying…nice) we hit up another one of the spots in the square for a few more drinks.  We talked about all sorts of things, and I gotta admit, I was kind of digging her.  She was always really cute and tonight was no exception and it also felt like there was some sort of genuine connection.  She did as I told her she should do, which was complain about her travel partner, a horrible girl by the name of Lauren I believe.  She talked about how the girl was fucking every dude that tried to talk to Reena.  And that she had to ask Lauren (lets call her Cruella Deville) if they were gonna hang out together at all, because I guess the girl had been ditching her to go get laid by random guys in Berlin and Paris and now Barcelona.  She said she was fine with the girl doing her thing, it was just that they were hanging together, and ya know, have some decency to not just ghost on someone when they are out in a foreign country…fair enough right?

So after dishing on this girl in length to me I had a pretty negative opinion of her if I’m being honest.  But besides that Reena and I were really having a lot of fun, I even opened up to her a bit about past ex’s and my habits when it comes to dating (which anyone who knows me knows they are pretty terrible habits),  we talked about my commitment issues (which looking back she brought up waaaay too much), I even told her about how negative I am.  I mean honestly I’m a pretty jaded and just all around negative human being.  But I’m also a funny person, and like I said to her, there isn’t a funny person in all the world that isn’t in the range of sometimes negative to downright miserable.  She expressed that she thinks she was a pretty funny person as well (she isn’t…this I know).  She’s too cheery to be funny.

Happy people aren’t Funny

So anyways, this old friend and I were getting a little tipsy and the waitress at the second spot brought us free champagne.  Reena said, that it’s probably because of her, because the guy that Cruella hooked up with, but who really liked her more, has a bar in this square and probably saw us from afar and had them bring us champagne (this I’m sure was not the case in all actuality).  Then she informed me that Cruella is coming to join us.  This I didn’t think was a good idea considering my only impression of this person is all the terrible shit she had done while they had been traveling, and spoiler, come to find out that of course she has a much older ex boyfriend that pays for everything and even paid for her and my old friend Reena’s flights to Europe.

I told Reena that I’m probably going to be terrible to her, and she was like, “No you can’t, you have to be nice!”  Well, that isn’t easy when everything you know about someone you dislike before you even meet them.  Not to mention she had been going on and on about how attractive she was, and honestly in my experience when a girl does that the person they are talking about are never as attractive as they make them out to be.

So Cruella Deville arrives drawn on eyebrows and all.  I can’t help but ask her if she owns 101 Dalmatians, which she said she didn’t (that’s cuz she probably had them all gassed).  Oh my god, guys she was horrible, worse than I could have anticipated.  And her eye brows were the stuff of comic book super villains.  When she got up to use the bathroom I had to ask, why a) she had bleached blond hair but black eyebrows and b) where said eyebrows even real?  And I was right, they were drawn on, and on top of that, she wasn’t hot.  She was your average basic bitch, with tons of opinions and not much sense.  Her style was like Sack’s 5th avenue if they served skinny girl martini’s with each purchase.  But I tried my best to be polite due to being old friends with Reena, and asked what she did for a living, and her reply was nothing.  Now, I think this was meant as a joke, but then again I don’t think it was.  I felt like if I listened closely I’d be able to hear my voice echo from one of her ears through her head and out the other.

She started going on about Ernest Hemingway and blah blah blah and when she asked me about Hemingway I told her I’ve only read a couple of his books and this answer registered horror on her face.  She couldn’t believe that a writer like myself hadn’t read more, but I told her jokingly that I don’t read.  I write.  Reading is for other people.  And then she shot back that that is wrong and untrue, but it really isn’t.  I mean of course I read and am well read, but I read now for entertainment and to keep my vocabulary strong, not for inspiration.  Don’t ask me why, I just don’t.

So before it got too awkward, my old friend decided that the three of us should hit up this hip hop club called Jamboree that we had heard was the spot to be at on the weekends and was right in Placa Reial where we were already at.

So Reena, is like I can’t wait to dance to hip hop music with you.  And I said ,well, we’ll be in the club soon she will get her wish.  I think she wanted to see if, cuz I’m a rapper, I can dance well or not.  I dunno.  I can.  But whatever.

I wanna dance to Hip Hop music with You


So we get inside and immediately some v-neck t-shirt wearing tourist snatches up Cruella and they go off and do their thing while Reena and I go to the next room to dance with my old friend.  We’re dancing for a few minutes and honestly Reena is a little bit drunk, and she says she needs to go to the bathroom, so I telltravel old friend barcelona never again her I’ll wait here so she knows where to find me, well a half an hour goes by and at this point I’ve passed on dancing with several women that had come clopping by in their high heels (because I wanna be polite and honestly I was having fun with Reena) and still no sign of her, so I figure well she must have gotten caught up in the bathroom with Cruella or was throwing up or whatever, I should go check on her, so I walk around the corner and she’s dancing with some dude and at least it looked like they were making out, now honestly that shit doesn’t really bother me, I mean I can be a jealous guy but this was never a date or anything like that, but ya know let me know it’s like that and I won’t shoo off the girls that were dancing around me while I thought she was in the bathroom.

What really got my goat was that this is the exact thing she had been bitching about her friend Cruella Deville doing to her.  I’m over here trying to be a considerate person, like a jack ass, and come to find out she is fine and making out with some dude in the other room.  So I bounced.  I didn’t say anything, I just left.  Batman.

It was about 3 am anyways so the night was over for me at this point.  When I get home I get a text from her seeing if I still wanted to go to the beach the following morning.  I told her no and that I’m gonna be busy.  She sent a couple of stupid texts that aren’t worth reciting and that was it, I got another long form text in the morning saying more dumb shit that doesn’t matter and pulled a Drake, I let her know I read it, but didn’t respond like a savage!

Ya know and the worst part was, that I was kind of digging her, up until that point.  So I guess I was a little hurt, nothing serious obviously, but a little ticked off…lil bit, lil bit.  When an old friend preaches honesty and how she takes seminars about empowering herself (read cultish) and being honest and yada yada yada and it just showed she was no better than her stupid friend (who was honestly horrible in every way you could imagine, I mean she was really terrible.  I kind of hope she gets crabs from her Euro trip).travel old friend barcelona never again


So that was my night, this is my life, and that is how it goes.  Keep it rolling.

(quick edit: while Reena was in the bathroom Cruella asked me if I liked Future, I told her yeah, then she asked if I liked Kendrick, I told her yeah, and then she said she liked them too, cuz sometimes a girl has to do hood shit with her niggaz, that’s when I almost punched her in the face)