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Piazza Venezia: The Glorious Sights of Rome

Piazza Venezia stands above all

In Rome the people managed to erect a city that still stands out amongst the rest of Europe.  No matter where you go, no matter what amazing site you’ve seen while traveling, in the end, Rome still ends at the top of the list.  And in this writers opinion, Piazza Venezia towers over them all with grace.

Piazza Venezia is amongst the most beautiful of these Roman sites.  Built in the 1400’s it stands out as a beacon or a center point of the city.  It’s marble white, towers over everything around it.  A flame burns at the top of the steps with two guards around it…is it the beating heart of Rome?

Travelers and tourists flood the site.  People with selfie sticks and immigrants selling bottles of water, backpackers taking group photos near one of the many ornate statues standing powerfully on the staircase of Piazza Venezia.

I honestly felt too unclean to walk up Piazza Venezia.  You can tell it’s been taken care of and the city has seen to it that no one roughs up the place.

Bad Antipasta

After wandering around at Piazza Venezia, I was hungry and figured now would be a great time to have a bite to eat at one of the cafes that sit looking out to the grand Piazza.  I won’t be doing that again.  I may have had one of the worst antipast’ so ever had.  Like store bought Oscar Meyer bad.  Like don’t know what type of meat that is type of bad.

Being that I don’t like to complain at restaurants, I just left it for the birds.  But damn was that bad.  It made me happy when I had finally gotten back to the apartment where I was staying to see my roommates cooking pasta.  Just a couple of Italians in Rome living amongst all that the eternal city offers, making lunch like they do back home in Naples.

Tips to visiting Rome:

  1. Try not to eat near the major tourist attractions.  You would think by now most people understand this, myself included, but it really is something that should constantly be reiterated.
  2. You can find decent hashish for cheap near the park that overlooks the Colosseum.
  3. Don’t get caught on a public bus without a bus ticket.  You have to pay A LOT of money right on the spot or you could end up in jail…this is what they told me, then again in my two weeks on Rome, I didn’t get checked once for a pass and rode the bus almost constantly with no pass on me.
  4. The Foro Romano is the best!  Better than the Colosseum.  You can spend all day in the Foro Romano. Go to the Foro Romano.
  5. Don’t let the sorority girl from America that is staying in the flat with you convince you to go on a pub crawl with her friends company.  Unless you are with good friends (I was lucky enough to) you will hate it.  
  6. Eat Pasta every day.
  7. Don’t eat fish in Rome.  This is what the people I know from Naples and Salerno tell me.  Only eat fish when you are on the coast of Italy.
  8. The water that is pumping out of spouts on street corners, is perfectly fine to drink.  Rome has tremendous water.
  9. When you meet a tall model type of a woman from Spain on vacation, don’t be picky about her age.  So what if she is twenty and you are thirty one?  Normally that would be creepy, but you’re in Rome, better you guys make out all night, than let her go running back into the arms of the idiot at the bar that has been trying to get with her.
  10. Don’t expect great things from DJ’s when you are out.  The music played in Italy at nightclubs and what not, is the equivalent of a teenage girl’s itunes playlist.

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