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Pizza Salerno and Lots of Fish with Salt Air

Salerno Passion

Taking in the vibe of Salerno is simple.  It doesn’t take much more than an instant to sink into the background and feel at home.  Most would say there isn’t much offered in Salerno, but I beg to differ.  It’s a beautiful city known for great fish and pizza that sits on the southwest coast of Italy, a ferry ride from Amalfi Coast, Positano, and Capri.

When I reached Salerno I was at the end of a month long excursion through Barcelona, Rome and then stopping in Salerno for a few nights to take in the Mediterranean and relax.

Pizza Beast

Salerno is an extremely cost efficient city.  A night on the town in Salerno, dinner, drinks, and a cafe to end the meal will cost roughly forty to fifty euro’s, which comparing that to Rome it’s about half the cost.

There isn’t much to see in the way of historic monuments or relic’s, like Rome has.  It’s a simple place with beautiful people and straight up, unbelievable seafood.  I got some Tuna my first night in Salerno, with arugula and baby tomatoes on top that kicked me right in the face.

Personally after spending seven years in Chicago working in a beer bar, and dealing with beer snobs and brewers and what not, I’ve become resigned to lighter beer.  Enter Nastro Azzuro.  I’m not sure how it ranks

travel pizza salerno lots of fish

Amalfi Coast

in Italy, but it is a crisp and refreshing beer that goes perfect with the summer heat and mountainous coast of Italy.  For the best pizza I think I might’ve ever had in my life go to Ristorante Il Caminetto.  It sits right on Via Roma and will blow your mind with their food.  My friend Ivano from Salerno and a pizza maker in Rome told me that is the place to go and he couldn’t have been more on point.  The pizza was like 9 euro’s and it was hanging off the plate it was so large.

Quite possibly the thing I loved the most about Il Caminetto was the waiter.  He was an old guy and looked like Don Ciccio from Godfather II.  He was pushy and honestly I think he kind of hated me.  Even when I tried to keep it Italian when I was ordering, it wasn’t enough.  Dude found me seriously irritating lol.  Then when I dropped a nice size tip on him ass he kissed me on the cheek and brought me Limoncello.  On this hot night and at the end of a very busy and adventurous trip Limoncello was perfect.

After you finish your meal, and if you are someone like me who tends to smuggle weed on any train I take, so I had a joint rolled and had a nice smoke as I walked along the water until I found this area where a bunch of people old and young gathered for a drink or just to hang out and enjoy the breeze off the Mediterranean.

Not only is the walk along the coast of Salerno beautiful at night, but the shops and tiny alley streets let one get lost and give off a distinct feel of Barcelona.  Tons of little Piazzas where you can find great Pizza and Buffalo Mozzarella.



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