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Prague Gold: Pilsner Urquell (Fire Hose Required)

Urquell Fire Department

So while in Prague I learned something amazing, Pilsner Urquell drivers deliver its brewed Prague gold by fire hose to bars.  No kegs, no bottles, just a hose that connects to the wall of the establishment and fill that bad boy up.

They say the Czech Republic is the only country that Germany will admit to having better beer.  Which is saying something, because Germans don’t fool around with beer and they don’t fool around with saying certain countries are better than them at anything.

Prague Gold touches you

Here’s an interesting bit of information, Budweiser is a quality beer in Czech, not American Bud mind you, but Czech Republic Budweiser.  Evidently they have their own brewery out in the Czech Republic, but it doesn’t serve the American beer that everyone from the States knows, it gives their customers their own brand and it’s actually pretty damn good.

Tourists and travelers alike love Prague.  It’s been a destination for people looking for a beautiful European city thats prices aren’t as steep as some of the more well known and more western cities of Europe.

The food is fantastic particularly if you aren’t a fan of veggies, Prague itself is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe, it is an insane party spot with tons of energy late into the night, combine all that with loose drug and prostitution laws and you got something for everyone.  But for many, Prague will forever be known as a beer capital of the world.  And Pilsner Urquell reigns supreme.


-Don’t buy drugs from the people selling on the streets of Old Town at night…you may get lucky or you may get taken advantage of.

-Don’t EVER take a taxi in Prague, they aren’t regulated so the cabbie can charge you whatever he wishes.  Prague is a great city to walk in, so take a stroll.

-Don’t pay for anything in Euro’s.  The Czech Republic isn’t on the Euro, they have their own currency….the Czech koruna is their currency, if you try to pay in Euro they will take you will be paying premium prices.