resume for life to resume life

Resume for Life to resume your Life

I’ve never had to interview for a job in my life.  Not formally at least.  I once interviewed over the phone for a job at Groupon and I had zero experience and wasn’t prepared and basically said I only wanted the job so that I can go for a different job within the company as soon as possible.  I’m thirty-two years old and every job I’ve had was found through people I know or family, or through my own hustle of various types to work for myself.  And now I’m putting together a resume that will get me a writing job with someone out in Berlin.  All my previous writing gigs came from them seeking me out, so it is strange to now be the pursuer.

So a buddy of mine out in Austin is helping me put together  my resume because as good of a writer as I am, when it comes to writing for something that is supposed to get me an interview with a company, I kind of freeze up.  It’s such a formal and uncreative format, that it’s hard to get me inspired, so having him help me with that has really helped me understand how to write a compelling resume.

So it’s a new day for Hank.  The sooner I can get this resume in to the hands of the right people the sooner I can get back out to Berlin and do what I do.  I already have sent it to my people out there who are reaching out to people for me.  It costs money to make these types of moves and the funds aren’t what they were when I set off for Berlin back in April.  Thankfully I got friends and family and lots of people on my side pushing for me to get back to where I belong, also to help in any way they can is just amazing.  I can often be pretty jaded when it comes to people, then I’m surprised.

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