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Piazza Campo de' Fiori Rome

Rome, The Eternal City: Temptations Piazza Campo de’ Fiori

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, Rome

Friday night in the Eternal City and a couple of compare’s and I went to Piazza Campo de’ Fiori.  I highly recommend this spot for late night shenanigans.  The square is bordered by restaurants and bars of all types.  There are little alley way streets that lead to yet more restaurants and bars.  Young paisano’s sit underneath the statue of Giordano Bruno smoke hand rolled cigarettes while they sip on beers and sling one liners at the gorgeous women of Rome.  Drunk expat’s stumble out of lively pubs, across from cocktail bars and cafe’s that blast electronic music.

The bathrooms in the basement of this cocktail bar/nightclub shared sinks and I was already feeling pretty good about myself.  Luigi and Ivano were upstairs with the rest of the city, but when I came out of the bathroom it was just me and this extremely attractive Spanish girl jockeying for first dibs on the sink.  She had a great smile.  Even with my beard she could tell I was blushing.  Then she started to blush, oh baby.

Spanish Women in the Piazza

I don’t know if it was the Roman summer air or the smell of the fresh urinal cakes, but she got very close very quickly.  We headed up the steps to the ground level of the bar and by then her arm was around my waist and I was at an all time high.  She was from Barcelona and tall like a runway model.  On vacation and slim but with latin curves.  

We walked past the bar and went outside where Luigi and Ivano were so I could show off the good job I had done.  Spoke very good English, I soon learned that she lived in Miami for a couple years as a child.  So now I’m thinking, I might’ve just found my wife. The future Misses Hank.  Rome was kissing me on the cheek and bringing me luck.


The Eternal City: Rome

She called her friend over.  Another beautiful woman of Spain.  She had been talking with a group of guys who also looked like they were from Spain.  One of them in particular wasn’t happy with what was transpiring.  This tall Barceloneta babe started touching my beard and getting real cozy around my neck.  Luigi and Ivano smiled.  They were witnessing how strong the pimp hand truly is.  It’s like finding out your buddy is a Jedi or something.

I’m just about the make this whole situation permanent and then she tells me how she is into older guys, that’s why is into me.  Now, I’m not YOUNG, but I’m not old either.  And I don’t look older than I am for that matter.  I’m 31.  But then she goes on about how her boyfriend back in Barcelona is twenty-eight, and that’s when I begin to worry.  Not that she has a boyfriend.  Forget that guy, this is Rome baby!  But if she likes older guys and her boyfriend is twenty-eight, how old is she?


God help me, I shouldn’t have cared, and in hindsight I kick myself for my behavior, but I took my arm that was wrapped firmly around her lower waist and put my hand in my pocket.  At the moment twenty just seemed too creepy.  And that was it, she was back over by the group of suspiciously spaniard males never to be seen again.


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