travel south beach dripping fools gold

South Beach Dripping in Fools Gold

South Beach and Instagram Models

My brother and I and his groomsman recently had his bachelor party down in south beach Miami.  We stayed at the Loew’s hotel.  Growing up in south Florida, South Beach has always been this very alluring place.  Honestly as a kid I never spent much time there with the exception of a few days here in their with the family.  South Beach is expensive and glamorous and a place for models and rich Europeans to vacation in.  The entire island drips wealth.  Ferrari’s and Bentleys and anything else you can associate with uber wealth can be found there.  It’s all a bit much if you ask me.

We spent most of our time poolside, sipping mojitos and taking in the instagram hoes from all over the world that have fat middle aged men paying their nut.  Most lay out bronze and in gold ringed Brazilian bikini’s.  Within minutes you begin to realize just how unrealistic this place is.  Beautiful, picturesque, and
completely a forgery.

Fools Gold

I talked with a bartender at the Surfcomber, a beachside hotel near the Loews, he has been living in Miami for over a decade and he told me that most of the things people have to travel south beach dripping fools goldshow off their wealth, they don’t even own.  A lot of it is all bullshit.  People go out and rent those Bentley’s for the weekend and cruise around trying to convince the world they are balling.

Now normally I would detest everything that I had seen in Miami, but South Beach is kind of supposed to be like this.  It isn’t a place that you live in and just get by.  Either you got the world by the balls and money is no object, or you have made the choice to pretend the world is yours and fake it until you either make it or go bankrupt.  With the money that is constantly flowing into South Beach, I don’t see this way of life stopping anytime soon.  Too many people want to stunt.

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