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Strange Fruit, Budapest, Rockabilly Pool Party

Budapest and it’s Special Waters

You’ve heard of the spa’s in Budapest.  They are known to get out of control at night…some real strange fruit. Caves and caverns where you will find pools and people lounging about taking in the special waters.  Dj’s begin to pulsate heavy bass from their speakers.  It infects everyone in the vicinity.  It’s the third stop on your journey for the never ending party.

Before you go diving in head first into the evening, you wander the old side of Budapest.  you find a cafe.  A couple cups of coffee and a few pastries and you start feeling comfortable.  The weather is perfect.  The people are happy, the coffee is cheap.

You wander around some more.  You meet a couple from Brussels, they come to Budapest every year.  They spent a few years in the states so they dive right in to ask you about Donald Trump.  They find out you didn’t vote.  They get upset with you…stupid Americans.  You can see it in their eyes.

Strange Fruit and Polka Dots

You ditch the Belgians.  Find yourself a hipster bar where you can listen to some good music.  It’s late afternoon and you are already getting drunk.  You met a few different people while drinking in the bar.

You feel like a titan.  The booze has got a hold of you.  Not so much wasted, but feeling like you are walking along the globe untouchable.  This girl Sonja in polka dots chatted you up.  She’s never been to America but she loves rockabilly.  She’s drinking Jack Daniels and being sassy.  You stutter when you talk.  She’s not the usual type of sexy.  But it doesn’t take long before you can’t stop staring.  She knows it too.  You can’t help yourself.  She calls you a fool, she says you are too easy at love, that all Americans are too easy at love.  She’s never been to America remember.

You press on and talk about music.  She loves Nina Simone.  You pull up “Strange Fruit” on the juke box.

She kisses you…you lucky dog you.  You don’t speak until Nina Simone is done, you just stare into each others eyes.  You’ve been waiting three years to play “Strange Fruit” for a woman who would appreciate it…you had to go to Budapest for it to happen.

Night rolls in

You meet up with Sonja and a couple of her friends.  They all speak english.  She told you to bring a bath
ing suit with you.  You meet at some hidden little restaurant and you eat some shit that looks like brains in a stew.  It’s delicious.  Ver strange fruit.  You fill yourself with more Hungarian goodness while you break bread with new friends and Sonja cuddled up on you likestrange fruit budapest rockabilly pool party you are the Alpha.

You miss the feeling.  It’s been three months since you and your ex called it quits.  You guys lived together for two years.  Her dad liked you, and he doesn’t live anyone.  But in the end you grew apart, so now you are here, and only in the current position you’re in because you make that leap to get away for a bit.  You needed to push the limits of what you are comfortable with.  Home has driven you to feel dense and you job dealing with drunks has you gasping for air.  And look where you find yourself.

You follow the group with this foxy and decadent woman in tow.  You learn she works in a book store.  She tells you her favorite book is Confederacy of Dunces you laugh, you look around finding yourself walking along Chain Bridge and you think about moving here. strange fruit budapest rockabilly pool party

You get to one of these spa parties.  After changing into your bathing suit, you find Sonja in none other than a polka dotted fifties era bikini…of course.  Thank you travel gawds.  The Dj at the spa party is playing some unexpected dopeness off Anderson Paak’s Malibu LP.  

The place is jumping.  Local Budapest citizens dance their faces off.  You’re digging it big time.  Sonja is all up on you.  You guys have beers, then more beers, then shots of Tequila, then shots of Unicom (a Hungarian specialty) and then a long make out session in one of the pools found in a candle lit cavernous space.

The two of you spend all night there, long after you’ve pruned over you decide to leave and the two of you go back to your hotel to cap an insane trip.


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