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travel pack good underwear

Travel Pack Good Underwear and Trust in the Gods

No one tells you to get good underwear before you take off backpacking, it should be well known, also socks, that is no joke, I spent an irrational amount of money on Under Armour boxer briefs and socks before I travel.  Honestly it’s the best purchase in a long time, but kind of crazy.  You see, the amount of walking and hiking and stumbling and climbing and god knows what else you are gonna do when you are off on an adventure, these things will save your life.  Also I highly recommend Gold Bond body powder…if it burns it means it’s working.

Cut out all the damn shoes.  I know you want to murder the game, but thing logically.  If you are running around city to city, sleeping in hostels and Airbnb’s, attempting to cover large swath’s of Paris or Rome in a single day, then ransacking some corner pub before devouring Kabab’s at some late night Turkish joint, then finally a meandering walk back stumbling along cobblestone streets to your Akia bed,  for days like these, heels, or wing tips, or whatever else, might not exactly be the ideal footwear for travel.  And there can be a lot of days like these.  

Google Offline Maps is another big hitter when you travel.  I can’t even begin to tell you how tremendously key this is.  If you have a smart phone you just get Google Maps and then from there…you can figure it out.  This is 2016.  But get it it will hold your directions if you plug them in when you have wifi and then they will remain in when you lose wifi.  Also the GPS pinpoints your location even offline and also has a compass feature that indicates which direction you are pointed in.  Don’t tell me, “I don’t know how you do travel like that?”



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