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berlin traveling essentials

Traveling Essentials (Q-Tips) Gotta have em

Traveling Essentials: Q-tips

It’s kind of difficult to capitalize on everything a place has to offer.  Especially since things cost money, traveling essentials can add up so you have to choose wisely and realize you can’t bring all your amenities .  As of right now I’m putting together my trip to Barcelona, but I can’t leave until after the 21st when hopefully all this work visa business will be put to bed.

So I’m biding my time, keeping spending down to a minimum, and looking for travel writing jobs.  There aren’t a ton, but they are out there.  I’m also reaching out to contacts in Spain for possible shows.  I’m really excited for Barcelona, I’ve been dying to go since I was a kid.

After I get this visa it will clear up a lot of things.  Until then I wait.  The weather in Berlin has been crap so I spent the day doing some cleaning and ran some errands gotta keep all traveling essentials on lock and ready to make moves.  travel and travelling essentials berlin

Gotta Have ‘Em

I got q-tips! Lemme tell you something, I didn’t want to buy them on the road because they only ever sell them by like the thousand, and I’m not about to lug around a giant box of q-tips all over Europe.  So honestly since I ran out of the handful of them that I brought with me I’ve been jacking them.  I’m at a house party? I grab a couple q-tips.  New Airbnb host?  Gotta have em.  I’m not cocky about it, but it’s also one of those things that I constantly forget to buy when I’m in the store.  And honestly I love using q-tips to clean my ears.  I don’t care how bad it is, I can’t have gross ears.

But my roommate to my apartment doesn’t have any either.  Shameful.  How am I supposed to steal me some q-tips then?  So today I figure I owe the world some q-tips.  So I’ll buy a box, take some with me when I leave. and the rest Tobi can enjoy.