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prague bring the boom bap for the children

Prague Bring The Boom Bap For The Children

I was contacted by a promoter and DJ/Producer/Artist/Videographer out of Prague named Trusty regarding a show they were looking to book.  I’d love to play in Prague and Trusty’s connects in the city are insane.  He’s got a label, Ty Vole!, he’s a producer I’m hoping to collab with soon, and he’s an ace with the camera too.  Believe it or not, Prague gives off a distinctly hip hop vibe.  Don’t be tricked by the winter wonderland look of the city itself.  Once you start to mingle and hob knob with the locals, you realize quick that hardcore boom bap rhythms sound damn good when you are carousing around the cobble stone streets of the old district of the Prague.  And in the wake of the great lyrical giant, Prodigy’s demise, I challenge anyone who is currently bouncing around Prague to drop some Mobb Deep in your head phones and let the potent verbiage of the wordsmith behind Shook Ones carry you along.

When the sun goes down in Prague the city develops a keen eye for shadows and menacingly gothic fixtures.  Nightclubs become lawless spaces of lust and treasure troves of beautiful women who many, have a love for hip hop.

Besides the American and British Expat’s that head to Prague for underpriced rent and budding culture, the Czech Republic also is quickly growing it’s own slew of artists bent on making a name for themselves both locally in Prague and country wide.  Due to the language barrier I’d imagine it may be difficult for an MC to bust through that invisible wall.  Then again there’s been far crazier things happening…Trump is President.

prague brings the boom bap for the children

They also love their weed out in Prague.  Also their bad bitches.  So there is plenty of reason to drop some money in a club and get a little crazy.  Eastern European women in general have tremendous sex appeal, couple that with a love for Wu Tang Clan and you got yourself a winning combination.

The way the city lights up at night is stunning.  It’s one of the few cities in Europe that close to Germany that wasn’t hit with any bomb raids.  The beauty of the cities architecture has been maintained since what looks like the middle ages.  You wouldn’t anticipate love for such a modern inner city born music,  but there is a hardness to the Czech people that reminds me of the kids bombing trains in the early 80’s in New York City.

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